Lahke used the urglaes locksmith to spin for the big prizes – you could not be spun again with it, and the urnon one to spin in general, where multiple wins were possible.

While not intended as a silver-draining event, there were over 950 million silvers spent in the few auctioned items that night.

Note: there were over 250 people present for this event, July 13, 2021, at the Gargoyle’s Retreat Festival Grounds on Four Winds Isle. 66 people won something!

Item Notes Bid Winner Method
swirling nexus orb Quest Nexus Entry Orb Carolanne, Conaan, Pirelia, Azanoth Urnon
8x shield made of your choice & design The 8x shield spin Grimholdt Urglaes
cast iron brownie pan Makes a brownie every 8 hours Bhenidre Urglaes
polished drakar dagger with a scorched ironwood handle 5x Drakar Dagger, which helps a LOT with skinning. It was one of the original skinning daggers. The bonus is like the enchant Palcron Urglaes
shimmering blue orb 2x Experience Orb, not attuned Daevian, Spir, Thaxius, Uhlume, Forreya urnon
golden knitting needles Knitting Needles with 12 patterns. He offered to MATCH BIDS for first 5 people. No takers 20,000,000 Macillus auction
shimmering violet orb 4x Experience Orb, not attuned Whisp urnon
large glowing orb Reim Entry Orb Irinity urnon
silver stamped voucher booklet DR Entries Agathilea, Khoal Urnon
8x weapon made of your choice & design The 8x weapon spin, includes bow, boots, cestus, all. No claids or naginata Tarreth Urglaes
plain dark steel band set with a faceted black deathstone Elemental Ice ball Ring, makes black ice, set with a deathstone. Lucrecea Urglaes
small wooden cube Instant dance floor Archious Urglaes
rune-carved firestone band Elemental rin fire ball, red fire Dessedemona Urglaes
reticulated crystal-edged golvern segment The segment for the MoonShard Pendant Arshwikk Urnon
mangled steel spoon Heroism spoons Tarreth, Celby, Alsthar, Bekke, Shardner, Archales, Rosebel, Cerevantis, Aplom, Vyngence, Stupes, Lurrah, Airiya, Mazroqar, Aljian, Rovvigen, Ordim
rhimar-lined churn Ice Cream Churn 40,000,000 Starkitty Auction
cracked gargoyle hand coin hand – unique holds 2.14billion slvers 250,000,000 Nordred Auction
translucent cerulean crystal recharging crystal, 2x/day 100,000,000 Kragdruk Auction
gruesome troll-arm sheath Sunwu Urglaes
fitted celadon silk gown topped with a bronze-scaled corset. T3 Corseted Gown Saesa Urglaes
faceted sliver of grey shadowglass shadowglass forehead gem Terabor Urglaes
golden brown acorn amulet Will-o’-wisp amulet, favoring the dryad Fleurs Urglaes
scaly black acorn amulet Will-o’-wisp amulet, favoring the satyr Aelinian Urglaes
simple ebonwood box with delicate vaalin tracery Message Box – takes a gem Novarian, Agathilea, Ildarion Urglaes
rugged leather knapsack threaded with silvery-blue veniom strands knapsack, holds 200 lbs. But when you close it – it holds it weightlessly. Weighs 8lbs empty. 540,000,000 Yakushi auction
Tada! RPAs for everyone! But wait, he’s not done yet!
rugged leather knapsack threaded with silvery-blue veniom strands Second knapsack, holds 200 lbs. But when you close it – it holds it weightlessly. Weighs 8lbs empty. Sepherann first person who brings him a skeleton bone
faceted indigo mermaid’s-tear sapphire swirled with black inclusions Forehead Gem Perivan Urglaes
cracked humanoid skull Stunning skull Traiva Urglaes
small fireworks press Firework Press Katiesa Urglaes
white opal torus 2x/day Spell Shield Inultus Urglaes
soft velvet ebon wand harness lined with emerald-hued silk Really old, 22 years old – recharges wands that are inside Vaikhen Urglaes
elongated silver capsule Simucoin Shop Prize Packages Megdaline, Dayzed, Obelin, Gweneivia, Pirelia, Noblerm, Faerinn Urnon
oblong gold capsule Bigger Simucoin Shop Prize Packages Kasyan, Pirelia, Trallihn, Kristabel, Charlomancer Urglaes
oblong gold capsule The REALLY BIG Simucoin Shop Prize Package Meliot Urglaes
oval amethyst-inlaid oak mirror The mirror lets you look at people that aren’t there. Nordred Urglaes
platinum stamped voucher booklet Duskruin entries Obelin, Waltari, Akaal, Melivn, Lylia Urglaes


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel over ESP and Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.