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While less common than other post-cap proposals, purely fluff-based benefits have been suggested before. They neatly avoid all concerns of balance issues, watering down professional identity, and other problems mentioned in previous parts.

I think [post-cap] should be fun perks, not game-mechanic perks.

-COLEMANJ (Nov. 8, 2013)

If a system were ever put in place, I would agree with [COLEMANJ]’s statement.

-GS4-MARSTREFORN (Nov. 8, 2013)

post cap rewards should definitely be more role-playing oriented, not combat oriented.

ie: capped characters can go in a backroom of the adventurer’s guild for a one-time only auto-scripter reward (same as in the lighthouse for premium points).

-GREDGEWIZ (November 18, 2010)


Heroic persona – You’ve always felt you were a cut above and have discovered some new ways to show it (special heroic verb set). […]

A cut above – access to special materials/designer clothing not available to others (access to special character bound clothing and materials that can be used for alterations). […]

Lost soul – gain a pet imp that will follow you around and follow simple commands.

-PEREGRINEFALCON (November 10, 2013)



Of course, considering that almost ten parts of this report focused on players trying to come up with mechanical benefits, the criticism to purely fluff-based benefits is obvious: a lack of appeal.

I wouldn’t even bother with any post-cap reward system that didn’t have mechanical benefit.

[…] The degree to which they do seems to be the problem.

-LAMOREED (Nov. 18 and 24, 2010)

I wouldn’t even want them to bother with the idea if they were just going to hand out scripted fluff rewards. The idea is to provide tangible, yet balanced growth to characters who have achieved massive amounts of experience at end-game.

-SARDINUS (Nov. 18, 2010)

How many fun perks can you come up with that would have remotely the kind of draw and appeal as the kinds of mechanical perks that have been suggested? I’m sure with the minds we have here we can come up with a few cool things that would be nice to have, but compared to the mechanical things we are discussing? Give people the choice and I’d be willing to bet you the ratio of people who buy the mechanical offerings would be about 95 to 1.

Mechanical benefits are going to keep people chasing the carrot[;] fun perks[,] while possibly neat to have, won’t.

-PRAT2 (November 8, 2013)

One serious benefit that [GMs] realized as designers [when implementing the level cap] was that they know that no character who is a pure spellcaster will be more than singled in a weapon skill plus singled in CM. And they know that no character who is a pure weaponswinger will be more than doubled in a weapon skill plus doubled in CM. (Plus, now, Enhancives to both for both.) They already know what the racial benefits are. This puts hard caps on the numbers achievable by characters, so they can plan and design for them.

ALL of these post-cap goals (wishes/dreams/ideas/flights of fancy) need to take a step back and […] see just how many of them include the invisible sub-text, “<my idea> …and totally re-write the game to account for it.”

Cute and fluffy I’m fine with[…] Mechanical changes? Seriously? Because that == Totally new game.

-KRAKII (November 13, 2013)

It is incredible to me that the players who have played this game the longest […] are so lacking in imagination. It is entirely up to HOW you design it. Cross-professional abilities are a popular idea, but I agree it would probably be unfair (for instance, taking a profession-defining ability like loresinging and just giving it to anyone who wants it!).

Does that necessarily mean there aren’t totally reasonable mechanical advantages we might offer? […] of the infinite possibilities, you somehow can’t envision a single one that would be acceptable?

-BLACKKOBOLD (November 13, 2013)

In the next and (for now) last section, we’ll touch briefly on some of those “infinite” possibilities.

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Part 11 spotlights other assorted ideas worth mentioning, showing off the spectrum of opinions and suggestions.


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