This post tracks changes in the world of GS for the year of 2022, with a focus on mechanics and fluff. Events are only mentioned if they introduce things like new scripts, and likewise storylines are only mentioned if they have a tangible effect on the game world (e.g. destruction of a building or implementation of a new hunting ground).

If I miss anything major, please feel free to contact me on Discord (Leafiara#7906) or in-game!

New note as of 2022: An official GM-run changelog was created in August 2021. Nonetheless, I’m going to continue running this one as a quick reference and in case anyone prefers this one for any of my stylistic differences in presentation or, in some cases, even inclusion. (There are some things my changelog included last year that theirs didn’t, but likewise things theirs included that mine didn’t.)

On with the show!





  • 2nd: Empaths can now TRANSFER [character] EXERTION at level 6 and CURE EXERTION to cast Adrenal Surge when the spell is known
  • 2nd: Info and new INFO FULL available in live game
  • 2nd: Knitting yarns can now be analyzed, measured, and bundled in skeins of 100 rows; RT for pulling yarn off knitting needles removed
  • 2nd: Woven headbands and circles now have 4-hour perfume duration if a non-permified perfume is poured on them and permanent for a permified perfume
  • 5th: Speech updates: 52 new verbs and 91 new tones available
  • 6th: 2005 Ebon Gate Bouquet bug fixed so its produced items work with weaving
  • 6th: Chocolate heaters now usable when placed at feet
  • 7th: Dozens of undead creatures lost cold immunity and some of them lost fire vulnerability (above and beyond the norm)
  • 7th: Registered items no longer taken by CLEAN TABLE
  • 8th: Gambling kits now usable when placed at feet; also gain unlock tier to be seen at Duskruin
  • 8th: Maximum durations decreased against players (only) for Holding Song (1001), Lullabye (1005), and Song of Depression (1015)
  • 8th: Resist Nature (620) updates now available in the live game (along with the related ones such as Imbue (614), new forageables, use of the potion herbalist, Holy Receptacle (325), etc.)
  • 8th: Rogue locksmithing updates: wedge-making RT reduced and random additional calibration RT removed
  • 8th: Title system update: Duskruin and Rumor Woods moved into their own categories and some titles dropped the “of Duskruin Arena”
  • 9th: Gnomish mech locksmith bracers updated to work with the locksmith pool
  • 10th or so (seemingly unannounced): BEFRIEND LIST updated to show only those online
  • 11th (first available): Animalistic Spirit Headdress updates: new unlock tier, new headwear types, new Animalistic Apparition unlock
  • 11th (first available): Buccaneer Skirts released
  • 11th (first available): Chance Boxes released
  • 11th (first available): Collapsible Tripods released
  • 11th (first available): Confection Creators released
  • 11th and 17th: Dispel flares updated on the 11th to roll an SMR check to determine if they would resolve when used against targets at least 11 levels higher (as opposed to previously never resolving against them), then updated on the 17th to always resolve and have an additional SMR bonus against targets with no spells, scaling with the number of dispel attempts on the weapon
  • 11th: DUSKRUIN REWARD system introduce to opt into your choice of traditional loot drops, extra bloodscrip, or extra exp
  • 11th (first available): Greater Rhimar weapons released
  • 11th (first available): Kraet Bows released
  • 11th (first available): Kraet knitting needles and new yarn types released
  • 11th (first available): My Fuzzy Warm Parka updated with new tier
  • 11th (first available): Signal Wands and Smoke Spheres released
  • 11th (first available): Spyglasses released
  • 11th (first available): Valence Gear (weapons and armor) released
  • 12th: Lesser moods updated to support air flares, water flares, the firewheel material, and blessed armaments
  • 12th: Voln armor no longer blocks Ensorcell (735) but has a penalty
  • 13th: Sheer fear mechanic overhauled: new Horrified effect used for minor fear (level difference of 10-14) or major fear (greater level difference) which penalizes AS, DS, CS, TD, and SMR rolls, but no longer immobilizes; for more details, see the previous link and this one
  • 15th: Dodecahedrons now tuckable under waist-worn items
  • 16th: Locksmith toolkits now hold 100 vials
  • 18th: EVENT BOX system released
  • 21st: INVENTORY verb updated with USAGE, USAGE AVAIL, and USAGE UNAVAIL option
  • 22nd: Logins now mention if an event box or giftbox is available and what it’s for
  • 24th: Landing post office opened
  • 25th: New automated reverse auction system introduced
  • 27th: Animalistic Spirit items now work with lesser moods and armor concealers
  • 28th: Flare information on wearable UAC gear now properly shows in RECALL and playershops



  • 4th: PCALC for coraesine now correctly displays no flare surcharge
  • 4th: Teleport spells in Old Ta’Faendryl more highly prioritize the entrance
  • 9th: Aradhul Road skill checks reduced in difficulty and severity (wounds and RT)
  • 11th: Area of Effect weapon techniques and maneuvers now target more enemies earlier on (base target count 3 increasing by 1 per 50 MOC skill)
  • 12th: Landing graveyard gate updates: easier to open, no more overexertion, and bug fixes
  • 13th: Four Winds Isle updates: Prestidigitorium becomes public workshop and Jaston shine properly designated mechanically
  • 13th: Rusty Cutlass tavern built in the Landing: dance floor, fishing, food, hammocks, tables, and more
  • 18th: Healing updates:Major Bleed now correctly removed with herbs and empath healing; empaths healing dead empaths now gives exp
  • 25th: Vault Kick RT reduced to 3 and stamina cost reduced to 9
  • 27th: Sweep, Shield Trample, and Bull Rush updated to inflict minimum RT of [their RT] + 1 second
  • 28th: 66 new Animalistic Spirit animals available; 63 of them from 6 new animal group types
  • 28th: Resist Nature (620) updates available on test server: new ranger service to create permanent multi-resistance imbued anklets and bracelets, new group spell 620 to give resistance shield, new forageable herb shockroot, various Elemental Confluence herbs now usable for adding resistance, Holy Receptacle (325) now capable of imbedding in ranger-created Imbue items, new titles, and more
  • 31st: Kroderine Soul now allows the use of imbeds that don’t target the user
  • 31st: INFO and new INFO FULL updated on test server
  • 31st: Wrayth released/updated (rebranding of old front end)
  • 31st: Ta’Illistim Warrior Guild now allows dark elves in the front door
  • 31st: Whirling Dervish no longer requires Multi Opponent Combat ranks


Leafi reports on current events in and around Wehnimer’s Landing, where she can often be found dashing about day and night! She also hosts public Town Hall meetings in the Landing and helps with numerous TownCrier projects behind the scenes, including entirely too many proposals that create more work for Luxie. Does this lass’s troublemaking know no end?