FLAIR WITH YOUR FLARES The custom flare messaging at the Fatal Afflares Shop is a fantastic way to spice up old or new gear for just 2500 bloodscrip! Mayor Leafiara explains, “The figure-shaped note is my favorite partly because I like ghost clones and partly because it’ll cause the most screen scroll – the true mark of quality!” Right?? Fatal Afflares
AUTO-JARRING WOW The new Alchemy Bags at Alchemical Attraction have everyone talking. Overheard on the Merchant channel, “What a nice way to store gems and have them sorted into jars for you!” Pick your size, location worn, and own one of the best buys at the Village this Duskruin. Some of the containers are pretty roomy! Alchemical Attraction Wiki Page
ALWAYS IN STYLE There is absolutely nothing like a shimmer trinket anywhere. Showcase that carefully curated outfit that you have while hiding all your bags and hunting gear. Carren recommends it, “The illusion is amazing. I am absolutely in love with this item.” Now it is attunable so it is even more affordable. They are only available during Duskruin at Spellbound. This is a favorite every Duskruin. Do you have yours already? Do you have a backup? Spellbound Wiki Page
ATTACKING ASSIST Obelin sagely observed, “Animate Weapon Sticks are still a tremendous convenience for Animate Dead. The weapons selection for the shop, At The Ready, got a refresh, including a sharp-tipped auburn red lance. These are very reasonably priced for weapons you don’t need to worry about losing.” Get several while they’re available! At the Ready Wiki Page
ESSENTIAL ELEMENTALS An enthusiastic customer was leaving Essencetials, raving about the hand pylons. Why? “Because they’re awesome! A way to throw elemental ‘bolts’ around, with just MIU training, and at the fourth tier unlock, you can wear it and still throw the elements around, even when your hands have other stuff in them!” Why, even The Rooks agree! Essencetials Wiki Page
DISPEL YOUR FOES Flame recommends a Sigil Staff as an overall solid item, even without paying for the expensive T4 and T5 unlocks. Sigil Shop Wiki Page
INGREDIENT IMPROVEMENTS Plarfinus really likes that Alchemical Attraction shop with the auto-jarring containers. He told us, “Being able to RUB it to organize all your ingredients is like magic.” Magic REALLY is the word for it! Alchemical Attraction Wiki Page
TURN OF A PHRASE Mayor Leafiara thinks that all four of the new preps for 1615 at the Mystic Phrases shop are fantastic and connected the dots for her on how this recently renamed spell, Repentance, can be damaging. She added, “I took the cleansing fire prep to match my paladin’s fire damage type, but you can’t go wrong here!” They’re just 750 bloodscrip; and you can choose from distinctive RP preps for a number of other ranger and paladin spells. Mystic Phrases
DARING FLARES In case you have not yet been convinced to look at the flare customization messages at Fatal Afflares, Siggurd had some great points, “Your weapon’s flare is no longer overlooked as a customizable RP prop. I really am excited on changing some of the flares to something more in-line with my character.” There’s even a number of flares based on Deities! Fatal Afflares Wiki Page
ELEMENTARY CHOICE Quilic’s new Elemental Gloves at In Your Element are great if you ever find yourself facing an impossibly turtled enemy. Obelin explained, “You get a dozen SMR attacks (minimum) against a target you otherwise couldn’t possibly hit, with no brawling necessary, choose from three styles per element, plus some excellent fluff, on 6x equivalent gear, and in an inventory slot everybody should have occupied in case they get disarmed.” What more can you ask for? It’s QUITE the hit! In Your Element Wiki Page
BOOKS OF DISTINCTION The customizable roleplay books at The Libraryium are the perfect addition to any bookworm’s collection. With three different flavors – scholarly, sacred, or sinister – and upwards of ten chapters and four different tiers, you can make a book about just about anything your heart could desire! If you get one (or multiple) of these FancyBooks, make sure to keep an eye out for merchants who can create extra-customized pages for you! The Librarium
SUPER SHIELD Nodyre raved, “The new Energy Shield is now the highest end of the high end shield options out there. It’s expensive but well worth it. You get to choose your elemental flavor – or replace it with the rare flare of your choice – and it has tons of special abilities. The fluff messaging and verbs are fantastic as well.” Now on sale at Currents and Safeguards for your defending needs. Currents and Safeguards Wiki Page
GROWING POWER The Sigil Shop is the sole authorized retailer for the famed Sigil Staves. It is an easily acquired weapon that allows you to slowly work up the item to an amazing end game weapon. Sigil Shop Wiki Page
SPECIAL FX The Illusion Props inventory at Be Warez changes every time the shop opens. The items can be fantastic for your RP, but they’re a 1 and done. Siggurd advised, “Always check to see if one is matching your character because you’ll regret missing it when they’re gone.” This is definitely a snooze and lose moment. Go check! Be Warez Wiki Page
JEWELRY TREASURES Rattles introduced us to the random jewelry boxes at Mar and Scar, “They are Festival classics! Randomly generated jewelry can’t be beat! Whether it’s electrum or bone, or whatever you’re into, it could pop out!” Don’t forget your Piercing Needle on the way out, all the jewelry in both the treasure chests are pierced jewelry. Mar and Scar
BURIED BELOW Search the pile of gems under the arena near the Smithy (room 26093) for beautiful and rare gems. Use these lovelies that can only be found at Duskruin for your Joola items, to style your favorite Veolas, and for alterations. Gem Pile
SLABS OF FORTUNE The slab generator across from the Smithy (room 26388) is an oldie but goodie for random fun to get the basic building blocks of metal bases for your next project – or four. Slab Generator
PYLON POWER The newest endorsement for those hand-held Pylons comes from Obelin, “I love mine so much. Pew pew!” Pick yours from the Essencetials shop and unlock it while Duskruin is going on. It’s the only source for them. Essencetials Wiki Page
FLARES IN THE WORLD Look in Rock Solid for nice 5x Realm Flaring gear with an appropriate flare wherever you are hunting. Mischung says it is priced to move! Rock Solid Wiki Page
JARRED TO PERFECTION Another fan of the Alchemical Attractions’ clever alchemy-jarring containers, Vasstryke had solid reasons for going home with one. “Because I hate inventory mess.” Agreed! Who doesn’t?! Alchemical Attraction Wiki Page
CLIMATE HOODIE The ClimateWear hood was a late addition to Duskruin (and the Wiki itself). Siggurd noted, “If you have had your ClimateWear cloak unlocked during Xerria, chances are it’s missing the hood script. For only 250 BS, you can now fix that and get it back.” Check the Mar and Scar for the shadowy climate wear certificate. Mar and Scar Wiki Page
BATH HOUSE ARMOR Nobody is talking about it, and the respondent only confided this on condition of anonymity, but that Cursed Armor in the Shadowed Light shop could be the best thing to happen to a certain unmentionable Society in over 2 decades. Shadowed Light Wiki Page
FUTURIST FASHION Leafiara has all the good things to say about the illusion pins in Be Warez. “They make for perfect accents to your character’s appearance and come in a variety of fashions as stylish, serious, silly, somber, or scarab-covered as you’d like! The Ebon Gate Treasure Trove also often has many certificates to change one word of the illusion, so those with an eye for the future might seek a way to turn a great fit for their characters into a perfect fit!” Be Warez Wiki Page
BETTER TOGETHER The mana-infused armor that powers up with a sigil staff to add immobilizing flares against your opponent is Zachriel’s new favorite thing at Duskruin. Sigil Shop Wiki Page
JARRING MASTERY Alchemy mastery requires a lot of time and ingredients. Maevie is all raves, “This is by far my favorite item at Dusk Ruin. One cloak to rule them all.” Which are you choosing? Alchemical Attraction Wiki Page
CUTS THREE WAYS At Cut and Dried, look for the tier 2 cigar cutters (cog-infused glaes and serpentine golvern cutters, 5x and 6x, respectively, as knuckle dusters) have a drakar element that lights cigars for you. Iskandr told us, “It’s super underrated-ly cool to just light up a cigar without matches whenever you want to.” The 3,500 bloodscrip version is a nice ‘have a bit of money left and looking for something fun’ item. The tier 1s aren’t lighters yet, but CAN be unlocked by merchant Xerria to become lighters too and are under 50 bloodscrip for the budget shopper that eventually wants a cool lighter. Cut and Dried Wiki Page
CONDEMN ALL THE THINGS At Spellbound, Obelin was quite enthusiastic about an elegant white ora rod, “40x/day of my favorite Cleric spell: Condemn! With a new charge every 36 minutes, on a deadly SMR spell with a DS/TD debuff and customizable damage type, the god rod is potentially a particularly potent little murder machine.” Spellbound
LAST CALL Fana’s Mist Blades are making their last appearance this Duskruin. These are darkly scripted weapons that also alter your unique feature line when you hold one. They come with various enchants, unlocked states, and both common and uncommon flares. Read the signs carefully, and be sure to study the wiki page for the scripted zests. A Mist Opportunity Wiki Page
CURTAINS FOR KARMA The What Goes Around Shop will be closing at the end of February 2021. This shop is the source of GM Quilic’s Karma Armor and its unlock certificates. What Goes Around Forum Q&A
FINAL SMOKES Making its final appearance at Bloodriven Village, The Smoke Screen offers drink containers, tobacco, Pipes, hidden mirror wearables, and cigar tubes that hold lockpicks, too. Smoke Screen


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