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06-037:00 PMA very rare toy: a tiny red volcano" modelled to represent Stormbrow. Has an extra feature for citizens of Teras Isle.".10,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: [Mithril Way]1921Trissara
06-059:59 PMA symbol of Onar.1,000 silversLocated on: rickety raffle table, Room Name: [Gardenia Commons]3668Aerocus
06-10-202311:33 AMAdding the SpiritFlame script to an existing musical instrument. Winner must be present to claim their win within 5 minutes of being drawn. The instrument to have this added must not already have a script on it (master quality by itself is fine). If you are unsure about your instrument, it is recommended that you bring a backup..50,000 silversLocated on: ornate raffle case, Room Name: [Gardenia Commons]3668Brerk
06-30-202311:58 AM[RUMOR WOODS] A Custom Spirit for your Imbued Shroud. This is a Delayed Service, and will be handled n TICKET BALANCE). You do not need to be in the room when the raffle draws, merely online. Any winners who do not have the raikhen available at the time of their win will forfeit their spot, and it will not be distributed in any other fashion..25,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: [The Spirits Within, Distance]29698Luxelle, Tafkap, Meliyara

Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen is the reporter on-the-spot for a number of events and activities. He keeps track of all the raffles for you, too! He is a wizard and diviner, an officer at Silvergate Inn and part of the Sphere and Scythe. Quote: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."