Before Duskruin ends at midnight tonight, don’t forget to:

  • Get Sep/Oct WPS
  • Study the Buyer’s Choice for things you should buy: https://bit.ly/45dwlJ9
  • Find all your Bugs on Parade in Duskruin
  • Buy Unlocks
  • Get your gear UN-done at the Dabbler
  • Buy high volume gem jars
  • Purchase your crafting needs
  • Get on the ENDLESS Leaderboard
  • Get Morphing Armor Add or Add Side, they’re retiring from HESS
  • Get your lesser moods before it poofs! It is also retiring from HESS.

What did we forget?


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel over ESP and Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.