NEWS: PM Wyrom announced the results from the Spring Duskruin goals: 1) Tie or beat the CLAIM GIFT number with CLAIM EVENT and 2) exceed 1,000 people online. They almost accomplished the first one, which did exceed previous silver drains. He said we accomplished the second one when, at one time, there were over 1,100 people online. Watch for an announcement after April 10 for the special celebration gift to subscribers.

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
CLAIM and Active Players Reward Update
on 02 Apr 2024 1:52 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #general-announcements channel

During Duskruin, we had two goals going on. Tie or beat the CLAIM GIFT number with CLAIM EVENT and crack over 1,000 people online during our Duskruin live event. We got really close to the CLAIM goal, and we drained more silver between both offerings than we ever have with EVENT BOX. We did break over 1,100 people online though!

I mentioned that we’d have something on this in “a few days” but I need to wait until after April 10th to get the reward out. So expect something on April 11th in the late afternoon! We’ll have both a CLAIM GIFT and CLAIM EVENT at that time. It will be available until Rumor Woods starts (that weekend). Details will be available once live.
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