DUSKRUIN NEWS: Wyrom stated he will retire from Shenanigans and the Wheelbarrow, based on discussions in Discord and in the game. He said, “The spirit of it [Shenanigans] is just lost.” There will be some work on switching the wheelbarrow around to more of a HESS backroom. There was a lot more posted with more details, but it sounds like it’s another case of This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
[Official] Duskruin Shenanigans
on 10 Mar 2024 4:22 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

So I slept on it, granted not much due to the time adjustment and and needing to be up a bit early. But I’m going to be retiring from shenanigans and the wheelbarrow. We will work on some more static offerings for a HESS backroom of sorts that will take on the wheelbarrow. And there is no current replacement for shananigans. Given the discussion here, in game, and various other things sent to me, the spirit of it is just about lost. It’s not a planned thing. It’s not something I want you to be able to plan for. It’s intended to be kind of just done and we go somewhere. I spent a week planning this and we even gave dates to it, which isn’t something I like to do. It’s 100% dead and I don’t want to bring it back anymore.

if something else comes around that someone else hosts, it may use elements of it.
But for me, personally, I’m done with it and I’m moving on.

It’s not just complaints or how it was handled last night. It’s that there were these expectations of it. Spreading the cost out to basically be an orb and then still offering another orb. And just adding all these layers to make sure we’re really inclusive to everyone who might not be able to afford a Belt of Kai or coin hand at auction costs. And then there is the whole argument that we don’t do enough for silver. And it’s like, we pushed out over a 0,000 in free entries this run. We have a prize pile. We have all these silver events. I’ve done more for silver in the last 10 years than you ever saw in the previous 20 years. EG in 2010 drained 500mil. We drained 15bil here at Duskruin. What is it everyone compares silver drains to? I run marathans compared to anything else we ever did.
And last night just firmly bit the hand that feeds.

I can’t compete with the scripting faucet though.

The silver problem is a generation problem, not a drain problem. And it’s frustrating to hear how little I do for silver drains.

I woke up to a lengthy email about how much I do for pay events while leaving the game to suffer. And I know this email doesn’t represent everyone. Just this person. But I work for Simutronics and I’m tasked to put these events out. I do a pretty good job, that’s why I was not terminated with the rest of the company when they took out 40+ employees including the CEO and founder. My job though is making it work. The silver parts, that’s me. That ain’t the company. But I’m just getting really worn down on these accusations.

Also, to be clear, I’m not saying you can’t be critical of what I do. You absolutely can. If I’m wrong, you can tell me that. I usually own all my mistakes. I’m also just a pajama-wearing slot jockey in Indiana. I’ve had to grow as a person with this role. But I’m getting old, my memory isn’t as good as it was, and I can’t multi-task a dozen things very well anymore. I already took a pretty big step back from Discord and I limit my time on the player-facing channels. DMs are muted. And I try to delegate tasks to GMs where I can instead of being everywhere at once. I like chatting. And I would like to do it more, but everything I do is just so under a microscope. If I jump on voice chat to just shoot the breeze, people want it announced, recorded, streamed… I just want to talk about stuff.

I really don’t want to focus on the surface level stuff that happened last night that everyone saw. It went a lot deeper last night. I would never let that surface stuff get to me alone. I go into these things knowing I won’t make everyone happy. We did try a new thing, and I don’t think it failed (entry fee), but I think it brought expectations in. I forgot there was a reason I didn’t disclose what you were playing for. And I also forgot I said I’d stop doing hunt-like games. But seriously, can I just get a ghoul nail and skeleton bone??

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