EBON GATE NEWS: Whax’s Toy Chest was transported to the beginning of Innocent’s End in Naidem, otherwise known as Delirium Manor, or Dollhouse Manor. Entries are 100,000 silvers per run. Look for entries from a counter at the entrance. There are no jackpot, but there are doll clothes, doll parts, treasure piles, Simucoin items, and some rare prizes. Plus: Tickets.

There’s more at the wiki, too.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Official] October 2023 – Ebon Gate Adjustments, Announcements, and Bug Fixes
on 27 Oct 2023 11:59 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

What is that I hear? Is that the mad laughter of a deranged man?

It is! Whax has transported his toy chest to Innocent’s End in Naidem!

Continuing from tonight until midnight on the 31st when the Ebon Gate Festival ends, Delirium Manor will be available for you to run or simply shop at. Here are the details you need:
Entries are 100,000 silvers per.
You can purchase entries in bundles of 1, 10, and 50 entries.
You can purchase them off a table in the entry.

Each entry allows you to go into the Doll House. Here are the details:
10 searches per entry.
5% chance to find common, uncommon, Simucoin Items, or rare finds.
Additional 5% chance to find doll parts to create one of Whax’s dolls.
Gain 8 – 20 General Tickets (see more below)
There is a chance to find a 3x multiplier on a single search if you find the correct room, each time it’s different when you enter!
1% chance to gain an extra 5 searches in the Manor.

What you will not find:

What you can do with your doll parts:
Build a Whax Doll (https://gswiki.play.net/Whax_doll)
Sell the pieces to an NPC for General Tickets

What you can do with your General Tickets:
Visit the Shop and make a purchase. (More Below)
Shop from the Makeshift Cart that has: a magic hat, fully unlocked locksmith vambrace, a potato that attunes on purchase, a bracer that can be loaded to fire at creatures, a tart kiln, a gross sheath, a silver collecting charm, a skull ring that can lock containers, and a skull pin that is an enhancive hider.
Riffle through the Common Treasure Pile.
Riffle through the Uncommon Treasure Pile.
Buy a costume for your potato or Whax doll from the costume bin.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Giftshop:
Largely toys, but Whax’s shop has been 75% updated to reflect Ebon Gate and/or Naidem.
A bookcase in the shop has old Caligos Customs and Spell Preps that can be purchased.
The backroom also provides access to doll accessories.
The sack of Arkati statues is still in the shop for our Arkati Box.
Wind-up keys are still in the basket for your doll.
The bowl still has Heart-shaped certificates for your Necropolis black ora hearts, a four-ringed metal pendant from Duskruin, a golvern segment (for your moonshard pendant), and Light/Deep notes in various denominations.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Common Treasure Pile:
Pirate Gear
Weaving Items
Cobbling Items (collections in containers)
Key Blanks
Farting Dragon Toys
And More…

Here’s what you’ll find in the Uncommon Treasure Pile:
Pirate Gear (T2)
Metallic Gowns
Weaving Items (collections in containers)
Cobbling Items (collections in containers)
Naidem-themed Figurines (with spells in them)
And More…

Spend your tickets! Do not hold onto your tickets. There is no guarantee that this will come back around but for those of you with plenty of tickets still redeemed, there will be plenty here for you to spend them on.

Whax Doll at the wiki.

Direct Discord Link (Right click, copy link, and paste into Discord App if you don’t want to use the Discord web interface.)


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