EBON GATE NEWS TODAY: The TownCrier Presents: The Ebon Gate 5123 Teasers Archive at the wiki. https://bit.ly/3LqC4TW

Spotlights by date, all details for these are included at the wiki page linked above

1 Oct 2023:

  • Market Stalls T5 updated
  • Adventurer Added to Exchange 25 keys for Shards
  • Rewards/Prizes Update for EG Games
  • Official Naidem Lore Published
  • Dreamfire Illusion Portrait Tips
  • Gem Pile Put out in Antiquarian Manor’s Showroom
  • Ebon Gate Storyline notes

30 Sept 2023:

  • SimuCoin EG Sales begin a 3am on Oct 1st
  • Autoflarer takes weighted and padded items
  • Invisible Ink for sale
  • Naidem’s HEALING Forageables
  • Moth Cloaks get updgrade and side-unlock
  • Antiquarian Manor’s West Wing now sells Erithi Agates

29 Sept 2023:

  • Private Property Clarifications for The Roof Over shop
  • Nail polish analyze update
  • New additions of rare fodder materials at Antiquarian Manor
  • Ghoul Games Schedule Released in FESTIVAL 6
  • Sirenglass introduced for your runestaff
  • Shop Listing Active at the Wiki
  • Sylinar Property Swapping
  • Fourth Trove Contents

PLUS: Lich EG Map ready: ;repos download-mapdb

28 Sept 2023:

  • Another Custom Familiar in Treasure Trove previewed: The Puppet
  • More details on Toothkeys
  • The Market Stalls, Pop up Merchandizing stands!
  • The third In-ator is a Seed Vault for the Dawdly Pots.

27 Sept 2023:

  • Preview of custom Phantasm Wizard’s Familiar Talisman in Trove.

26 Sept 2023

  • Dapper Drapes for Gentlemanly Wear
  • Twisted Weapons Return With Extras
  • Trove Prize Lists are out
  • New Globus Naidem runestaff previewed
  • Two words: Illusion Pets!
  • Confirmed Cosmetics-inator at Beneath the Philtrum Shop

24 Sept 2023

  • You can not contract or spread the Green Death in Naidem, where Ebon Gate takes place.
  • Toothkeys will be sold to let you harvest weaveable teeth from creatures.

23 Sept 2023

  • Modular Neck Sheath gets unlock to swap location to leg
  • Games Week Schedule Released

22 Sept 2023

  • Dreamfire Portrait Panels available for Perfect Poses via automated artist in Imprinter’s Studio
  • A new Teadragon Pet!

21 Sept 2023

  • Costume Contest rescheduled to Oct 1 at 2pm
  • Lip Gloss by Naidem, which includes shapes for your lips!

20 Sept 2023:

  • A new, improved Dawdley Pot will make a come-back
  • Some shop prices are being adjusted
  • Beautiful new nail lacquers will be featured at Lacquered Ungues, along with
  • The Nail Polish Case (a new -inator!)

18 Sept 2023:

New Monday in The Ebon Gate 5123 Teasers Archive at the wiki.

  • The Trove’s New Life (all FIVE Troves) at Ebon Gate
  • Trove delayed services wins will be in a transferrable certificate form.

17 Sept 2023:

We’re starting it off with these major announcements from Saturday: 1) Preview from the Entranced Shop: Eyes of the Arkati, incredible new scrying vision disks for your eyes! 2) List of Signature Verbs for general GHOUL prizes-which one do you want to win?! 3) Sylinar is back and will remain the same!


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