EBON GATE NEWS: Thandiwe announced the Return of the Treasure Trove to Ebon Gate! There will be *FOUR* Treasure Troves this year, plus another one for Private Property Owners. Gavelsdown Hall, home of the Treasure Troves, requires a merchant pass to enter. Tokens for a Trove Drawing will cost 100k *silvers*. You may only use one token per drawing per Trove. The drawings happen once a day. Most of the delayed service raffles have been moved to the Trove. More:

Texts of Discord Posts follow:

GM Thandiwe
This year, the Treasure Trove will be returning but with a somewhat new look.
on 18 Sep 2023 3:56 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #event-announcements channel

Here are the changes:

You need a service pass to get into Gravelsdown Hall.
The Attendant will now sell trove tokens for 100,000 silvers.
Each token is worth a single entry into one of the troves.
You may only use one token per drawing per trove.
Each trove in Gravelsdown Hall will draw once a day.
Gravelsdown Hall will have FOUR troves running.

Here is what is staying the same:

You will still have 24-hours to claim your win.
The trove will still display 4 preview items, while one is being raffled.
All items put in the trove will go out.

What will be in the Trove this year?

Delayed Service items that would normally be seen in raffles will go through the Trove.
One room will be dedicated to Treasure items.

We are still finalizing our lists and treasures, but we will provide a list for everyone so that they are aware.

Lastly, A Roof Over is getting a second room with a trove in it. We will be offering Private Property items that are rare there in this particular trove. If you do not have a Private Property that qualifies, you can not get in. These offerings include the following:

Mail Boxes
Room Add
And a few other items…

Due to the nature of these items, MCP [Middle Class Property] properties do not qualify.


Delayed Services in the Trove: All delayed services will be tied to a token that is placed in the Trove. While the token will be listed in DELAYED, it does not list who is getting the service until they REDEEM the token. This means that the winner does not have to be the redeemer.


The 36 hour cooldown after a win was also changed, per Thandiwe:

“It was 36 hours, but now is zero.”

Unlimited wins at the Trove, per Thandiwe:

Any number of wins if you are lucky.

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