ANNOUNCEMENT: GM Estild announced the new Envoy program. Envoy positions will be trusted players who communicate community needs to the GMs. At this same time, he announced the first Envoy applications are open for Development. Details:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Estild
Envoys Announcement
on 22 May 2023 3:23 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord Forums
in the General/Envoys Category

Envoys are appointed representatives who will act as liaisons between staff and players. Their main goal is to gather player feedback, organize, and present it to staff members for review. Topics can range from major bugs, existing design issues, and feedback over proposed changes. Not all topics or issues will receive an official response, but this effort will help ensure issues of concern are elevated for review, as envoys will have more direct access to staff.

Each Envoy will have an assigned area, which mainly aligns with the GameMaster teams of Development, Events, Player Experience, and Production. There may be multiple Envoys for each team and subareas within those teams.

Examples of the types of work could be compiled lists of bug reports, detailed analysis of a core ability, spell, or system, and reports of player feedback, etc. This information is then exchanged with staff members through email and on Discord. Depending on the topic and response, the Envoy may then take that information back and present it to players.

Discord Moderation

To assist Envoys with their core responsibility, they will also be moderators on the official GemStone IV Discord server. Envoys must be willing to actively engage on the server and to enforce the Code of Conduct [‚Ā†discord-rules]:


Due to the nature of the position, candidates must possess a good knowledge of the game and specifically for the area they are interested in. This may be highly technical depending on specifics of the position.
A account that has been active for the last 6 months and with no official in-game warnings during the same duration.
A discord presence that shows engagement, understanding, and cooperation among other players and staff.
The eligibility requirements must be maintained during the duration of the Envoy appointment.


Next message

As deemed necessary, the Envoy program will be open for new candidates.
Interested candidates may submit an application during the designated window.
Submitted applications are reviewed and selected candidates are extended an invitation to become an Envoy.
Additional appointments may happen outside of the normal application window as vacancies become available.

At this time, this is a volunteer position with no compensation.

Current Opening and Application Process
The initial test phase of the Envoy program will be for the Development team, with appointments for these areas:
Squares (Monk, Rogue, and Warrior)
Semis (Bard, Paladin, and Ranger)
Pures (Cleric, Empath, Sorcerer, and Wizard)

If you interested in applying, please visit

The current application window is open until June 1st, 2023.

Direct Discord Link


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