NEWS-ILLI: GM Valyrka sums up the re-opening of the recent Museum Alerreth in Ta’Illistim. There are loresongs for some of the Maelshyve exhibits! How many GMs does it take to grow an event? She rolls credits for that, too:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Valyrka
[Prime] Museum Alerreth Grand Reopening
on 16 Sep 2023 4:21 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #prime-announcements channel

The Museum Alerreth is now open again with some updated areas and new exhibits. Feel free to browse the galleries and see the new items and reacquaint with the old. Many of the new have a loresong, so bring a bard along. The museum also holds a new restaurant with new food and drink as well as a place to dance.

I am deeply appreciative of all the ideas submitted. While not all of them were used for this update, the creativity of our players is unmatched! Some of the new displays in the museum were created from items and ideas sent in by the players of the following PC’s: Rohese, Daevian, Xorus, Elaejia, Lylia, Talinvor, Ysaeril

The loresongs for the items in the Maelshyve Displays were based off of the research that teams of PC’s did as part of the Dig event.

The food was created with help from GM Mariath.

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to GM Xayle and GM Casil for the amount of QCing that was done.

Thank you to GM Xynwen for her help with the lore presented and GM Thandiwe for her support.

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