WYROM MANIA: PM Wyrom’s Clickbait title: The Last Mania. At 9pm on Tuesday, February 28, he’s throwing down the usual chaos in the alleyway outside the HESS. Live Auction via different methods. Teasers: 150 WPS, SK Tatts, Flare Affinity, Greater Transmute, Rune Tatts, MK enhancives. No ghoul nail games, Might be door prizes, no passing scrip, silver, or items. Silvers Pulls to follow. Read rules, details, and bring all the bloodscrip:

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
Duskruin – The Last Mania
on 26 February 11:20 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord Forums
in Paid-Events Category

Clickbait title, but maybe?? August might bring something new, you never know!

I will be hosting my usual chaos on February 28th at roughly 9pm ET in the usual spot. There will be an alleyway just outside HESS that will be where we start the event. This is going to be a live auction that will use a combination of different auction methods. This is largely going to be a live auction, I’ll also be putting out the silver prize pile too.

** **************************************************** **
** 1) No passing of items, including bloodscrip. **
** **
** 2) You must have the bloodscrip redeemed using **
** TICKET DEPOSIT or REDEEM to win an auction. **
** **
** 3) If you attempt to GIVE an item to someone or **
** ACCEPT an item from someone, you will be **
** ineligible to participate in the rest of the **
** night’s festivities. **
** **
** 4) If you need an item from your locker, we will **
** retrieve it at the conclusion of the auction. **
** **
** 5) Leaving the room is permanent. There will be no **
** reentry allowed. **
** **
** 6) Speech and actions should be kept to a minimum. **
** **
** 7) Turn off or remove all pets, wandering tattoos, **
** and other noisy items. **
** **

There will be a sign there with all the rules as well.

150 WPS
SK Tattoos
Flare Affinity
Greater Transmute
Rune Tattoos
MK enhancives

Cost 1mil to SEARCH the prizes. There will be a cooldown of an hour.

[I will edit this post with a list of prizes before the event, but I plan to refresh the pile with some new offerings. It’s mostly SimuCoin Store items.]

This has been a tradition where I ask for some basic skins and items or say first hand up, but I will not be doing this at this event. It causes too many problems, especially if someone tries to hand me something that is wrong and then everyone else who tries to hand me the correct item is out of order. I’m sad to say goodbye to it, but it just doesn’t have feel good results.

There may be some door prize spins, but the prize pile is the guaranteed stuff. There is no promise that something auctioned won’t also be spun, I will try to always spin first, but should I auction something and spin for the same thing, that’s just how it’s going to be!

One thing the automated auction will excel at is the ability to check out the item or service. Questions slow the whole process down for the live auction experience, so try to refrain from asking questions just for the sake of asking questions. Also, please don’t bring up other concerns and issues outside of what we’re doing at the event, such as waiting for a Sadie scroll, asking me to review a bug report, or bring up the cost of eggs right now. I want to make the experience entertaining for everyone with limited slow downs.

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