PALADIN SERVICE: GM Nyxus announced the availability of a professional service for Paladins, which is now on the Test server, so you can test the all-new Battle Standards via spell 1620. Once on the Test server, look in Landing’s Town Square Central for service items. Here’s all the information about the new paladin service testing:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Nyxus
1620 on Public Test Server
on 28 May 2024 7:13 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #paladins channel

Paladins now have a profession service on the public test instance! The service items can be accessed in Wehnimer’s Landing at Town Square Central. Please select a battle standard from the dispenser. If you wish to create your own standard, please see the set of phials and the stack of poles. If you’re tired of waiting for the cooldowns on your battle standard, just KICK your battle standard. Thank you to Gyres for the fantastic messaging!!!

Please report bugs here.

Known Issues:
Battle standard doesn’t show up in INV LOCATION
Multishrine deities aren’t giving the full bonus for casting 1620 and 330
ANALYZE should be updated to indicate whether the battle standard can be lightened

You analyze the battle standard and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a tier 6 Battle Standard.

1: Rally [PRAY] – While dead, allows a corpse to teleport itself back to town. 1 use per day at tier 1 and 2 uses per day at tier 3.
2: Hallowed Reprisal [CLENCH] – Invoke the power of the standard’s deity to create an aura that periodically lashes out at nearby creatures for 3 minutes. Base 60 minute cooldown with 15 minutes subtracted at tiers 3, 4, and 5, resulting in a 15 minute cooldown at tier 5.
3: Reckoning – Your attacks have a chance to unleash the power of the standard’s deity. Each additional tier increases the likelihood that this will occur.
4: Ardent Plea [RAISE] – Your attacks have a 100% chance to trigger Reckoning and unleash the power of the standard’s deity. This effect lasts 30 seconds and has a 30 minute cooldown. At tier 5 the cooldown is reduced to 15 minutes.
5: Divine Bulwark – When you receive a blow, the standard may summon an ethereal shield to lessen the severity of the blow. If an ethereal shield is summoned in this way, the standard’s deity will unleash a retaliatory flare against the attacker.
6: Final Stand [BESEECH] – The standard’s deity comes to your aid for 30 seconds, ensuring that all incoming blows will be subject to Divine Bulwark’s abilities. Can be activated while incapacitated or in roundtime. 1 use per day.

Charges: 200
Deity: Oleani
Deity Primary Color: Vibrant red
Deity Secondary Color: Pale pink
Rally [PRAY]: Ready
Hallowed Reprisal [CLENCH]: Ready
Ardent Plea [RAISE]: Ready
Final Stand [BESEECH]: Ready

If the standard’s deity conversion ability is not on cooldown, you may visit a shrine honoring a specific deity to convert the standard to that deity. To do so, simply PRAY standard TO <deity>. This ability is subject to a 30 day cooldown, and the cooldown is not currently active.

The battle standard can be TUCKed while worn in order to hide it from sight.

This is a flag on a pole and the description should not conflict with that. Base, long, and show description can be altered. Because of the holy and magical nature of this item, the description may include the following words: holy, sacred, consecrated, sacrosanct, and hallowed.

There will always be a reference to the pole and the banner upon LOOKing at this item. Please take this into account when composing your show description. The material may be changed to other types wood at the merchant’s discretion. Allowed nouns: standard, flag, banner, ensign, pennant, pennon, banderole, banderol, bannerol, oriflamme, and gonfalon. Finally, any and all alterations will be irreversibly removed if the battle standard is ever converted to another deity in the future.

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