EBON GATE NEWS: GM Thandiwe announced the Shops Listing for Ebon Gate. Of the 96 shops (wow!!), some may be delayed but there are 23 brand new shop and 4 shops with updated inventory. Here’s the full list:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Ebon Gate] 2023 Shop List
on 15 Sep 2023 10:07 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #foru channel

Here is our shop list for this year. Some things may change. I’ve placed an * on those that will be a delayed opening.

A. B. Witching
Adorned Endearment
All Dogs Go To Naidem
All Fingers and No Crumbs
Any Way You Wand It
Armaments of the Destroyer
Art of the Drapery, The
Beyond the Graver
Blood Red Hand, The
Both Sides Now
Buckle Up
Burning Desire, A
Cloaked Eclipse, The
Collectors Calamity
Conjured Couture
Cooktop Conundrums
Covert Creatures
Cozy Little Friends
Derelict Abbey
Don’t Bug Me!
Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shop
Ember Ridge Cider House
Familar Phantom, The
Farain’s Shack
Fiendish Phantomes
Filigree and Whorls
Final Iteration, The
Flasked with a Purpose
Four Humours, The
Ghastly Groceries
Ghostly Lotus, The
Glisten and Gleam
Gnome Depot, The
Goblin King Dolls
Gouged Heart, The
House of Twilight
Icewild Hall
In the Bag
Innoscents Lost
Ironmonger’s Smithy
Its to Pie For
Kreapy’s Krawliez
Luck of the Draw
Masqued Intentions
Materials Maketh Man
Minaret, The
Moorlyn Cottage
Name of Thrones
Nana’s Notes
Nether and Void
Other Daughter
Pierced Veil
Preserving Breads
Rack ‘Em Up
Rodnir’s Bait and Tackle
Roof Over, The
Sheets Gone Wild
Smoldereye Lodge
Stay Tuned
Templeton Shor’toes’ Sugars
Tippy Toes
Two-Headed Dog, The
Uncouth Wallflower, The
Vamped Vault, The
Wild Flalings
Witch’s Garden, The
Witching Flower, The
Witching House, The

Altered or Updated
Flightless Dragonfly
Illusory Dreams
Within Harm’s Reach

Beneath the Philtrum
Borrowed Plumes
Dancing Death Dirge, The
Diabolically Chained
Discerning Stitch
Drowned Dreams Curiousities
Elemental Establishments
Fancy Wishbones
Glass House, The
Haunted Waters Artifacts
Imprinter’s Studio, The
Lacquered Ungues
Market Makers
Nightfire Brews
Peace of Mind
Sizzle and Spice
Sleightest Hand
Spider Johnn’s Tin Smoke Box
Tooth and Claw
Twisted Ways
Vague Inkling, A *
Winning Shriek
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