STORYLINE-WL: KST: The Landing needs alchemy reagents to protect the town! If you wish to help, please send any gold-green essence shards to Missoni, crystallized red direwolf eyeballs and essences of storm to Raelee, slivers of bleakstone to Missoni or Raelee, and gnarled river roots, tufts of wendigo hair, and incandescent weaver dust to Meril. You’ll find some vellum nailed to Moot Hall telling everywhere where these items can be found.

>read vellum

In the Common language, it reads:

Alchemical Reagants to Gather:
Silver of Bleakstone – Hill Trolls, local to Wehnimer’s Landing
Incandescent Weaver Dust – Arachne Acolytes, local to Wehnimer’s Landing
Gnarled River Root – Gaunt Spectral Servants, Torre
Tufts of Wendigo Hair – Wendigo, Northwatch
Crystallized Red Direwolf Eyebals – Direwolf, Red Forest
Essence of Storm – Storm Giants, local to Wehnimer’s Landing
Gold-Green Essence Shard – Ithzir Seers, Old Ta’Faendryl


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