UPDATE: GM Thandiwe posted updated 9 items with various bug fixes. Use the link at the end to see the details for Bouquet Paper, Paper Bugs, Knitted Hairties, Woven Circlets, Foraged Item Props, Platters, Mandrakes, Ribbonator & LACING Ribbons, and Lathes.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
Couple of Fixes
on 10 Feb 2024 4:08 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #gamemaster-endnotes channel

Bouquet Paper
The issue of dyes not carrying over to the final bouquet are resolved.
The issue of GAZE producing ribbon,color is resolved.
The issue of WRAP sometimes producing — well — nothing — is resolved.
When another player looks at someone holding a bouquet (and that person has a neutral demeanor) the paper color properly displays now.
WRAP was removed from the Point and Click Menu
The other verbs now function correctly.

Paper Bugs
Whispering to them about SINGLE while they have foraged items in them no longer causes them to turn into the foraged item.

Knitted Hairties
Are no longer considered functional.
Properly twist to be worn in hair or on finger.

Woven Circlets
When the hair style is the “plethora” hairstyle, the flowers, ribbons, or beads are now plural.
Are no longer considered functional.

Foraged Item Props
PnC adjustment, you can now use SNAP

When you stack glasses they will now display as a stack of glasses instead of a stack of glass.
The request to update these for chopsticks and teabowls is, at this time, denied. This is an old script and would require a bit of an overhaul to handled it.
Code displaying on GET is resolved (oops left my debug message in)

Duplicate Whistle is resolved.
blackthorn flowers – This is a tricky one, can someone bug the blackthorn flowers for me?

Su’chao silk was added to the fabric table

Ribbonator & LACING Ribbons
A bug was reported that “a pair of cream chiffon ribbons” didn’t retain cream while being dyed isn’t a bug. The way the corset’s script handles it causes the article to be dropped.
I’m looking at trying to do some updates to these but have to seek the correct owner permissions first. Hang tight.

Lathe Update
This script is over 12 years old. As a result, it is doing some funky things. I am going to need to rewrite the script. That being said, once that change is in place you won’t need to do anything as the item will just automatically update. Before I can release the updated version, it will need to go through QC and that could take some time.
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