UPDATE: GM Thandiwe posted a long list of 23 updates and bug fixes including Naidem/Ebon Gate items and places. Just the item names would make the list too long for a headline. Read over it all:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
Naidem/Ebon Gate Place and Item Updates
on 03 Nov 2023 4:07 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #gamemaster-endnotes channel

Naidem Fishing Holes & At Feet
Some additional safeguards have been added to the transition from boats to and from land to prevent movement with items at_feet.

Mandrake & Vines
The issue with the mandrake’s being odd when handling vines is resolved.
Mandrakes will now have a wild mane of “grass” hair.
Mandrakes will no longer try to add a space between dream and phlox in Naidem dreamphlox.
Mandrakes will no longer incorrectly pluralize starflowers.
Mandrakes will no longer be invisible if they are PRODDED off of your shoulder.

Wrencrest Manor
Various haunted ambient typos were resolved.

Eyes of the Arkati
Chase Vision – There was a wayward article getting mixed up in an area that required he/she. This is resolved.

Portable Stoves
Analyze updated to reflect stoves that can be heated WITHOUT a need for fuel.

Metallic Gowns
Analyze updated to remove typo in provided.
Unlock updated to properly reflect the new unlock (It was adding a random +1.)

Naidem Foraging Bugs
It is a known issue within the PnC for foraging that anything with an apostrophe gets funky. I am unable to resolve this issue.

Foraged Item Props
Updated analyze to reflect WHICH foraged item is TURNED to plucking.
Also added an statement stating that you “MAY BE ABLE” to turn it.
This does not always mean you CAN turn it.
Flower-laden Bush in Naidem now properly utilizes PINCH for retrieving leaves.
Wilt-edged sanguineous roses that grow on the creeping vine in Naidem will no longer appear to be mushrooms.
(Please note, none of these changes affect anything already retrived from the prop.)

Foraged Item Prop Vouchers
Analyze has been updated to correctly display moss/grass for the shrub setting.

Mayhem in the Manor Items
If you find a typo or an extra space or any of these items, then you’ll have to assist. I can’t fix these in the script. Bugging them will not resolve your issue.

Lip Gloss by Naidem
If you find you have one without any charges, please return it to your cosmetic case to resolve this issue.

Foraging Gloves
Reminder: They will only accept a RIBBON (not RIBBONS) that is not scripted.

Monster-headed Pauldrons
You can FEED your slips to them now.

Naidem Mask
Analyze has been updated to include the clean verb.

Universal – Cider/Wine Press
Previously, it wasn’t always correctly charging for its services. This has been resolved for all presses.
You will no longer look nervous when using the wine/cider press.

Out of an abundance of caution, blocked the ability to add containers.

Starsilk Sluagh Toy
Please analyze this toy if you purchased it from Delirium to get the typo corrected.

No longer lowers coffee into itself intead of the basket.

If you are encumbered or near item limit, then pulling a vial of perfume out of your perfum-in-ator will be stopped. This is working as intended and not a bug.
Wing Jewels
These were broken when WingSong came out, that’s been fixed.

Cleaning Cloths
Now remove Lip Gloss by Naidem.
Now have an analyze.

This item can now be used at your feet.
This item will now allow you to retrieve all dye, but it will cost 5 charges of a crystal amulet to do it.
This item will now show which item is ready for removal with GAZE.

Bug Boards `
No longer store unlimited position 1 insects.

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