UPDATE: GM Thandiwe announced that fishing is now an option in Solhaven Bay. Expect to find 15 bottom, 15 mid-level, and 14 surface fish. Go fishing from a Boat in the bay, the Center Market Bridge, the end of N. Haven Quay, the end of each OSA Pier, Charl’s Quay, the end of Fisherman’s Quay, the end of N. Market Pier, the end of Fishmarket Pier, and Bobo’s Toy Park.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Town Updates] Solhaven Fishing
on 12 Feb 2024 3:10 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #general-announcements channel

Fishing is now an option in Solhaven Bay. You can fish from the following locations:

Off a Boat in the Bay
The Center Market Bridge
The End of North ‘Haven Quay
The End of each OSA Pier
Charl’s Quay
The end of Fisherman’s Quay
End of North Market Pier
End of Fishmarket Pier
Bobo’s Toy Park

There are many varieties with approximately 15 bottom fish, 15 mid-level fish, and 14 surface fish.

Many thanks to GM’s Auchand and Reidyn who started this project. They gave me a good base to start from. And to GM Casil that had to QC it all. For the curious, some of these fish descriptions were created from an old contest for fish.
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