DUSKRUIN STATS: Wyrom shared the numbers for August 2023 Duskruin.

Where Vouchers were spent:

  • Exchanged with NPC 14.7%
  • Sewers: 44.7%
  • Arena: 40.6%


  • 163 Rats found
  • 198 bandit caches scored
  • 9060 ores awarded
  • 1645 Arena deaths.

Bloodscrip take:

  • Shops & HESS: 129,201,557
  • Wheelbarrow: 61,500,000
  • Smithy: 55m+
  • Grass: 583,000

And the Prize pile netted 321 million silvers.

Don’t overlook the 7.92 million bloodscrip from the Mondo Shenanigans. (Google Sheet)

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
Duskruin Numbers
on 04 Sep 2023 2:28 AM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

Okay, real numbers (for anyone that saw my last comment).

NPC: 14.7%
Sewers: 44.7%
Arena: 40.6%
163 Rats were found, 6 rats were traded to the rat catcher.
198 bandit caches were found, one of our highest to date.
9060 ores were awarded.
1645 deaths in the arena.
1 MoonShard pendant was transmuted.
Luck Boosters is the least favored.
Instant Mind Clearers is the most favored.

Shops at Duskruin including HESS, excluding wheelbarrow: 129,201,557
Wheelbarrow: 61,500,000
August Smithy Weighting: 18,106,410
August Smithy Padding: 18,279,399
September Smithy Weighting: 9,083,774
September Smithy Padding: 9,798,994
Number of people who touched grass: 583
Prize pile searches: 321

Way more was spent vs what was generated this run.

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