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General GemStone IV


LostRanger said, “So, Stormfront’s performance with links is terrible. It runs much faster if you toggle links off (default: ALT+L)… but I like the highlighting aspects.” He continued, “;linktothefast wraps links with XML that says “Highlight this in link colors!” so you can still see links even if they are toggled off for performance. Probably only useful for Stormfront users, but hey it’s a thing.”

Milax asked, “If a merchant is going to work on altering a parasitic weapon, do they need to hold the host item or the weapon itself?” GM Meraki answered, “Typically the host item but you’ll also likely be asked to summon the weapon for them to examine as well.”


Naamit, Avalera, Faerinn, and Juspera all posted about their vignettes on the forums.


GM Naionna announced, “Master Lyreseph is in the Rogue Guild near DeLuca for those interested in training!”


ASGM Estild posted a forum link regarding the end of the Lumnis Contest.

Regarding the age-old conversation of whether or not empaths should have gotten MnM and given up MjS, ASGM Estild answered a player who thought empaths were supposed to instead trade MnM with MnS with the following, “The plan was for them to gain MnM and lose MjS, basically the sorcerer hybrid version of spirit and mental. MnM would have been designed differently if that had happened, since empaths would have lost a lot of stats and benefits with such a change.” He added, “For Empaths, it would have been a significant drop in AS (though probably warranted!). Yeah, there were definite benefits to gain. Personally, I was for the switch.”

Ragz asked, “Did y’all ever get as far as planning out how the MnM/MjS spell circles would’ve been different (if empaths has gone that route), or did the proposition not make it that far.” ASGM Estild answered, “Not formally, Ragz. Only discussed it at a high level about how certain spells would need to be created, like a rescue/teleport spell for empaths.”

Regarding wizards using CS builds after 519 being changed, ASGM Estild said, “Wizards do use CS spells. We’ve been over this. 502 is literally the second most cast wizard spell.” and “I know a very capped wizard that uses 502 a lot.” and “It’s only been cast 30,615 times over the last week.” and “Yep, if that wizard wants to speak up here, that would be for them to say. Against certain targets, it’s still a very valid option even at level 100. It’s not the fastest or best way to kill all or even most targets, but it’s an option, especially at lower levels due to the low mana cost.”

Ashraam suggested, “Seriously think the idea of successfully summoning a rift via 740, and allowing you to cast demon-based spells at the rift which will be reflected at everything in the room for as long as the rift is active is a solid idea.”

Sabotage asked, “where does 519 fall into the ranking of wizard spells cast?” ASGM Estild answered, “RE: 519 – Pretty low. Only a few thousand casts per week.”

For a rogue suggestion, Ragz piggybacked on a comment he made yesterday about reverse pickpocketing mobs by dropping explosives into their inventory with, “Buff pickpocket to allow the construction of traps – use traps to buff rogues – profit”

Sins suggested, “I actually think GS needs a new spell circle that accounts for less magical magic, like a steampunk circle for gadgetry which folks like rogues would have”


Conrash/Zannath/Drakkler asked, “For rogue guild, is there a rank of Lock Mastery where one will be able to have full reliability on the accuracy of their calipers?”

Tovklar asked, “how early should a warrior start mastering berserk in the guild, I’m debating how I want to set my stats and perfect stats are not great for early stamina and guild work, I have wizard buffs so I do fine but know it will be painful to master some guild items early, any thoughts?”


Which Ruby? Nick is about to re-install all the things and asked whether Ruby 2.6.x or Ruby 2.5.x is the best idea. Doug gave him options! And reminded him about the things that will require Uninstalling and direct deletion via File Explorer. 

LostRanger introduced a new script – Link to the Fast. If you are using StormFront with links turned off so it will be speedy (and it is SO speedy that way), you can use this new ;linktothefast script to still see in coor what would have been the link, without … linking! 

Doug weighed in with more about the answer to Which Ruby: 

Avalera asked how to echo the time remaining on a spell. Doug’s got the Lich variable for her: Spell[920].remaining 

LostRanger played around with some things NOT to do with foreach, and a small discusion ensued. 

World of Elanthia


GM Meraki asked, “What is that one item that you own (or want to own) that you feel really captures the essence of your character? Something that helps you express your character to others?”

Juspera asked, “Do you have a “type” you play? Have you noticed any themes that link your various characters? Such as that they all have a great loss in their background, they’re all comic relief characters, they all have a temper, etc.?”

Juspera asked, “What is something you “realized” about your character in the moment, while playing them?”

Juspera asked, “Who is your favorite NPC these days, or what are some of your favorites from the history of the game?”

Joskin asked, “What are verbs you like to use for taciturn/introspective characters?”


Regarding Conrash/Zannath/Drakkler’s request the previous day for a new noun called the polehammer, GM Annanasi said, “I don’t see an issue with it but it would need to go through the approval process. I recommend putting that in the forums under General > Items and Inventory” He quickly made the postGM Haxus had also recommended the same thing in the #gm-questions channel. 

SimuCoin Events and Quests


GM Annanasi mentioned that she had a couple of new teasers out! Presumably on the forums.

GM Avaluka mentioned, regarding the vasculums at Bloodlet It Go,
“(Belatedly with the vasculums, now that I am catching up.) I think I read someone mentiong their vasculum item somewhere on Discord at some point, and I had never haerd of the things … looked them up and thought ‘oh, that’s neat’. So I added a couple to the shop, as the themeing kinda fit. Somehow I still learn new words from Gemstone every day. Heh.” and “These ones aren’t super duper or anything, but they do have a special open/close message. That’s about it.” She added, “It’s not a new script or anything. :slight_smile: Just a way to attach custom open/close messages on something. If script-swapping is a thing, it may be able to be swapped? (I’m not the one who offered that in the past, though, so I have no idea.)”

Luxie asked, “Are there going to be flower presses at EG?”

Torianne requested, “We need feature alterers. LOTS of them. How can you have a “being someone else” holiday without feature alterations?!” GM Avaluka responded, “i did offer a feature alteraiton session last EG, though it’s often a more difficult proposition due to how subjective things people want can be, as well as trying to reword things to be within guidelines and something the player also wants. I may offer it again, but … just a bit of an insight as to why it may not be offered by everyone. People need to feel comfortable doing it, for sure.”

GM Avaluka teased, “Nah. But do imagine – the puppy has different versions of the messaging and ambience for each ‘phase’. And then there are the 3 different curse types. So yeah.” and “There are no tiers.” and “Here .. have a .. uh … puppy message snippet to tide you over? You ruffle the shaggy grey fur on your notch-eared puppy’s head, making her ears flap with the motion. Bumping your hand with her snout, a shaggy notch-eared puppy wiggles excitedly in your grip.” and “… technically you can have more than one puppy, yes, if you somehow manage to get your hands on more than one?”

Regarding the leeches, GM Avaluka said, “Actually, they do not kill you and will just … try to draw HP but fail if you are under the amount of HP they take.” 

GM Meraki asked, “oh that might be a neat ideation session. Think of an off the shelf item you personally own on a character that is unscripted and what you wish it could be scripted to do. Fluff only, nothing mechanical.” Many people responded.

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.