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General GemStone IV


Flockmaster Nehor posted a link to the forums for a vignette on the Nazhor Chronicles.

GM Quilic said, “The Iyo are a tribe of indigenous people. They’ve got a rich culture and history on the island, and until recently they had a grudging respect for Socius. (Yes, human)”

Doug asked, “Q – voln armor verb trap turn off, puhlease! /mutter” GM Quilic replied, “If you think I’m allowed to make changes to that script in any way, shape, or form… I’ve got some bad news for you.” He added, “Voln armor isn’t my script (by a very long shot). I’m not cleared to make any sort of changes or updates to it personally. The most I can do is send the request up the chain, which I’m happy to do, but I can’t make any prognostication about when or if the change will be made.”

Sothog posted a forum link to a vignette.


A long, detailed discussion about rogues vs squares vs pures came up. Neovik suggested, “I think qstrike should be auto withdraw from stamina. You make an attack and can just make another attack in RT and it will figure out what to deduct from your stamina” HebrewToYou added, “rogues need a profession-defining combat maneuver like berserk or bonding or perfect self” Ragz suggested, “Effortless Dodging: regain stamina for every successful dodge” Midgar wished, “Another thing i wish rogues got, is a backstab type move, that turns crit into damage instead.” HebrewToYou suggested, “3x physical fitness would go a long way (along with reduced PTP cost) as would a room-wide combat maneuver”

Sabotage added, “I do think cman rt should be reduced to 1s for a lot of skills.”

Ashraam suggested, “Give rogues better armor skills, passive stealth mastery, slightly cheaper vanish, and a way to deal % HP on single targets (maybe via poison). Give rangers and monks access to a handful of Shield Maneuvers (shield focus, shielded brawler, shield bash, etc) Make a monk-only Staff Mastery CMAN that allows you to wield a quarterstaff with the DF of a battle-axe, but the CMAN recovery and weapon speed of the staff.”

ASGM Estild said, “SL:R has a direct and potentially significant impact on 335. When reviewing logs for effectiveness, be sure to note which wave the damage comes from, since it starts weaker and gets stronger. The SL:R modifier adds a static amount to each wave though. +1 crit rank at 40 ranks, +2 at 110, +3 at 195 (seed 6, and it does scale between those thresholds too).”

SMRv2 Changes

GM Konacon released changes to SMRv2 and posted a link to the forums about it.

Erek asked, “are the dodge ranks “equivalents” added by Mobility included in the Dodge skill benefit for SMR2?” GM Konacon responded, “Yes. Mobility is counted in it.”

HebrewToYou asked, “soooooo, what about Rift Crawlers?” GM Konacon responded, “I have not done rift crawlers and/or roa’ters yet.” HebrewToYou asked, “kk – I assume there is an eventual plan for them to be SMRv2 though? no rush or anything – just a hope.” GM Konacon replied, “I do believe so, yes.”

GM Konacon mentioned, “Ewave will probably be among the last things to get converted.” He added, “Converting it while also keeping e-wave balanced the way it currently is is complicated because reasons.” He also said, “Those are things on my list. Although the team will have to approve converting things like implosion, spike thorn, etc.”


Juares asked, “When do rogues with 2x picking hit the wall of not being able to pick like level boxes?” Puppymonkeyietius answered, “around 40s-50s 2x stops being enough to reliably get your own stuff.” Starchitin added, “If you’re going to stay at 2x, lores really are necessary by a certain point. Also note that critter level doesn’t necessarily play into lock/trap difficulty.”

Juares asked, “Does adding crit padding cause armor not to flare?”

Tovklar asked, “how does one get invited to the warrior guild after making it to 15?” Puppymonkeyietius answered, “either wait for the automated NPC or get a player guildmaster to initiate you.”


Lost Ranger showed off his new tour script!

World of Elanthia


GK! reported, “Hello! The Faendryl Enclave will be hosting our monthy game, Killer Darts, this coming Friday at 11PM EST. It’ll be in the Alabaster Spire, our home away from home close to the Landing. Everyone is welcome to come play.”


Juspera asked, “Do you ever introduce drama into your characters’ lives for the purpose of shaking things up? Such as getting an illness, a loved one dying, falling in love with someone “offscreen,” etc.”

Amalara asked, “what type of RP do you find most interesting?”


Conrash/Zannath/Drakkler asked, “I would like to request an additional alternate weapon name to be added for Hammer of Kai. “Polehammer” and possible also “pole hammer”.” He provided some more information at the channel about pole hammers as well. HebrewToYou pointed out that longhammer is an option as well.

SimuCoin Events and Quests


Doug asked, “Hey, Q – question for the owner of the Voln Armor script. Anyway to turn off the verb traps? I’m feeling ‘forced’ in certain situations. . .”

GM Annanasi posted, “First teaser, albeit a small one. *Check*”

GM Avaluka posted a link to the forums that continues the adventures of Tugaroulu and the werepuppy. Erek asked, “so how much can you talk about the dusts? I assume that’s something we can buy to accessorize in order to force the change ourselves? (back/forth)” GM Avaluka responded, “Yes, those will be available for purchase to force the change in either direction. Sunstone = stays cute no matter if there’s a full moon, Moonstone = stays cursed even if they’re inside or it’s daylight out/no full moon. They’re temporary effects, of course, and will wear off or you can remove the powder prematurely. But yes. The post kinda hint hints at the powders, as well as the uh … fact she’s gone and bought many more puppies. At least she’s not planning on making them into a cursed puppy coat.”

Luxie asked for EG dates and SGM Haliste responded, “As soon as I have it, you’ll have it. I promise. As always.”

GM Avaluka confirmed, “I can now confirm Bloodlet It Go will be back with new stuff – just gotta write up a teaser, though, as there’s a new item debuting.” She linked her forum post about leeches. She added, “lol. Note: the leeches wither after being out of the jar for 24 hours, so you can’t go all leechpocalypse for very long.” and “Also, I have 0 idea who may be interested in making a custom leech description for a jar, but that’s possible. And will be a raffle … once I figure out all the various things I am doing for EG, service-wise.”

GM Meraki announced Misfit Toys via a forum link.


Warclaidh requested, “We need a 1k bundle of ag bounty waivers in store.”


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