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General GemStone IV


GM Avaluka said, “In regards to the kittens/rats – yes, both of those should be picked up upon logging out. They will linger/come back when you log back in if left on the floor, but they will not if there is a server crash/reset in the meantime. (Please REGISTER your kittens/rats, too, so they can have an easier time being replaced if this happens.)”


GM Quilic said, “Whenever the next round of QST officially starts up, the schedule will be a little different. It’ll be one weekday evening and one weekend afternoon, but specifics beyond that I’m going to create a poll for and let you guys weigh in. I’m fairly open about it, but my schedule is what it is. And REALLY, these stories are for you guys, so if the overwhelming response I get points towards ‘weekends only’, then I’ll do that instead.”

Regarding the Nazhor Chronicles storyline, GM Quilic said, “Elspie is comfortable at the epicenter. Those who remember The Quiet? Every meek crafts their own ‘version’ of that. Elspie is in hers, with the Brannogh that was revealed yesterday.”

He added, “Elspie calls hers The Guardpost, and it’s a white-sand beach with crystalline sea green water lapping at the shore, thick leather sandals and a flowing skirt blowing in the breeze, and her hand almost always intertwined with Brannogh’s.”

Regarding the Brannot, Ceyrin said, “I assume he isn’t real.” and “He’s likely an outward manifestation of her inner memories of him.” GM Quilic replied, “That was the ‘choice’ Elspie made. She honors, and embodies, his memory. She built a construct out of that memory, and she decorated The Guardpost with it. So she can have that always.” GM Quilic further clarified, “Elspie tried to use Nazhor’s rituals/magic to steal a copy of Brannogh from another plane. She failed. But she’d poured enough of her memories of him that she created a construct, then lost control of it, and the Flock happened to be AT THAT MOMENT creating a “space” for a spirit. So the construct went into Aleid. Elspie figured that out, figured out what it ACTUALLY was, accepted it, withdrew it, then allowed her magic to embody it in The Guardpost”

Regarding Elspie, GM Quilic said, “Unfortunately, Elspie is basically gone for good now. It’s wildly unbalancing to have a being with that much power “on the board” and able to influence things going forward. “There’s an invasion, oh no!” “Meh, Elspie can yawn and kill them all. Everyone go back to bed.”” and “I do reserve the right to bring her back at some point in the future, but there are zero plans to do so. That’s why I made the meek’s sole “purpose” to be balance on an entropic level. She doesn’t get involved with day to day anything, really. She could only get involved yesterday because it happened to coincide with a world-unbalancing effort.”

GM Quilic applauded the players, saying, “Way, way outside the box, from my personal viewpoint, I’ve been thrilled on an ongoing basis to get to play alongside you guys. You’re phenomenal, and I’ve been a big fan of many of you from my days as a PC, and I was totally fangirling it up at a variety of moments throughout the story. I’m humbled (as much as I can be, anyway) that you’ve come out, played along, and contributed so much to both the story and my enjoyment of it.”


Leafiara asked, “Is 335 supposed to attack animates? Non-evoked, if that matters.” ASGM Estild responded, “It should not.”

GM Meraki responded to a player concerned that elemental detect was showing their 4x shield at +40, “So yes, your shield is granting +20 bonus because its a shield. And no, that bonus 20 probably shouldn’t be appearing in 405 because then it looks like its an enchant. Sometimes these things leak through the cracks. BUG item is good for ensuring it gets to the right people.”


Ensayn asked, “Are the to hit rates the same for 320 and 309?” ASGM Estild answered, “309 and 320 use the exact same formula to determine success. The damage calculations are different though. 320 can deliver much higher criticals, but it only deals a single critical.”




World of Elanthia


Raelee asked, “What is an RP problem you had, and how did you solve it?”

SimuCoin Events and Quests


GM Avaluka teased with a link to the forums, “How much is that puppy in the window … ?” The teaser talks about a WerePuppy, or LycanPuppy as Torianne deemed it. Regarding the WerePuppies, GM Avaluka later said in response to ASGM Estild joking that she had dropped one down the well, “They’re immortal cursed puppies, though, I think they’d survive, then crawl out of the well like that girl from The Ring.” She added, “Fetch is not something they can do as of yet. But they seem to have a taste for lots of things. They’ll eat blapples in their cursed form.” and “They sometimes will randomly interact with @Quilic‘s fishies, too.” and “The puppies do interact with the rats and kittens, as well as other puppies.” Darcena asked if there were going to be restrictions on alterations (such as not allowing wolf pups) and GM Avaluka replied, “Sadly, they’re going to be like the kittens – no obviously wild pups.”

GM Avaluka then posted another teaser link to the forums about updates to the bone shaman cloak – now with a hood!

GM Quilic posted a teaser link to the forums about Voln Armor. He added, “Unlocks will be offered in a combination of ways, so there’ll be some opportunity. Details (because there’s lots of fine print to deal with passing, prerequisites, and surcharges) will be made available closer to the actual event.”

Hoy asked, “will adding voln script to existing armor be offer?” GM Quilic said no.

Elysia asked, “Will there be a silvers fee in addition to winning whatever raffle/spin for an unlock?” GM Quilic responded, “Yes there will. There was last year as well (and always will be, no matter who is doing the unlock, unless something fundamental changes down the line). However, it’s not particularly prohibitive. My PC can afford the top end of it (for the 4x stuff), and he’s… NOT rich.” He added, “For reference only, and I won’t be doing this for any other hypothetical so don’t ask, but to take the 4x OTS stuff that was sold in the shop to T2 (one unlock) is 512k, and to take it then to T3 is 1m flat. Obviously other factors will change things, in some cases significantly, but it’s not terribad, in my opinion.” He summarized, “ALSO: Those numbers could change. If so I’ll holler, but that’s per the latest information I have. I have no control over the pricing, and am just being permitted to offer this stuff. When the time comes for unlocking, I’ll either confirm those numbers (on the officials), or confirm that they’ve changed and offer the same pricing (4x OTS to T2, and then to T3) for reference. That way people can have a little idea what to expect”

GM Quilic also teased, “First Comes Love has been revamped with new inventory (and removing some of the lesser-selling items). You’ll be pleased with Chubbins’ new offerings.”

Leafiara posted a link to the forums from GM Elidi that talks about a new cobbling punch for riding boots.

Maylan the Maybug asked if an EG shop called Anguillid Treasure would have any new inventory. GM Haxus replied, “Anguillid Treasure has been 100% refreshed for this year. There are no duplicate items from last year.”


Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.