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What You Missed

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General GemStone IV


Tranquia asked for clarification about the nature of hardcore in Gemstone. Tovklar answered with a link to the hardcore wiki article, and GM Naos added that it is, in fact, a player-run activity.


Akenna notified GM Quilic and the channel, “Ordim’s player and I were talking about a Flock/Militia Collab for an herb donation night sometime this week? What do you guys think? I mean, Akenna going to be on guard as heck, but anyone else think it’s a good idea? Or would like to join in? Thoughts?”


PM Wyrom announced, “Question came through to feedback about recovery enhancives properties from Premium Points. I updated that page to include the numbers.”

Regarding the Lumnis contest, PM Wyrom answered, “Lumnis contest is coming to an end, just boils down to whether it can be removed in time for the next one or not. Dev is currently working on it.” ASGM Estild added, “Don’t plan for it to happen. Even if it does, we’ll override the result to the new final total.”

Leafiara posted a link to a Google doc regarding a question for Milax’s podcast. The blurb states, “Milax is looking for Gemstone items that are unique, über-powerful, rule-breaking, other otherwise noteworthy for a podcast episode focused on Gemstone’s best items. Use this form to suggest items that Milax should consider including in an items-focused episode.” Discussion ensued on some notorious GS items.

World of Elanthia


Traiva announced, “Come to the House Of Paupers in the Landing tonight (Tuesday 9/17) for Nya Says at 10pm ET! Show off your knowledge of all things VERB!”


Juspera asked “what are some of your earliest memories of roleplaying in GS?” She went on to mention the story of The Table Legs – a tale of how River’s Rest came to have tables!

Juspera asked “what kind of durnk would your character be? Happy, angry, weepy, or something else? Chatty, silent, sleepy?”

Juspera asked “has you character picked up food/drink (or other consumables!) preferences from you?”

Juspera brought up an interesting discussion of how our modern scientific knowledge may or may not effect roleplay in game. Take a look at the intriguing conversation that follows!

GM Avaluka mentioned that the general rule of thumb for period-appropriate items in game is around the 1700s. She went on to mention that some steampunk items that bring in Victorian elements may still fit well because of gnomes. Those are some things to keep in mind when designing your next alter!

Puptilian asked GM Avaluka why we don’t have guns and cannons in game. An interesting exchange follows about the powers of magic and how individuals in the Gemstone world may never have developed those technologies because there was no necessity for such things. 

SimuCoin Events and Quests


Enchant Pots

Sins asked PM Wyrom, “Are you saying I won’t be able to buy high enchant potions at DR again?”

PM Wyrom responded, “I am saying that until enchanting updates are complete and there isn’t a conflict between pay events and wizard enchanting, enchanting stuff won’t be done at any pay event. There was a very vocal complaint that it appeared the enchant updates were done to boost pay events. That was not the case. If we cannot resolve that issue, it won’t be offered.”

Sabotage rebutted, “That was only about the +500 skill potions….They were introduced around DR right after making a lot of things harder to enchant. So it really has zero to do with enchant certs or enchant potions.”

PM Wyrom responded, “Yeah, potions are very likely to come back. I don’t know about certs. But if I answer something right now, it might change, so I’m just sticking with the answer I keep giving. Things change a ton.”

Leafiara suggested changing enchant to have a max difficulty cap like loresong unlocks.


ASGM Thandiwe remarked, “Thandiwe posts a 2nd teaser.” She’d posted another teaser the day before. 



Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.