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What You Missed

The majority of this digest record was compiled by Jen; #scripting was compiled by Luxelle.

General Gemstone IV



Azaton asked Friday night, “So what raffles are drawing tonight?” GM Quilic replied, “Two already drew…thinks None of mine draw tonight. That much I know for sure. At the moment there are… four merchants working?”

GM Xayle stated, “Y’all aren’t buying nearly enough perfume. Just sayin’.”

Arianiss asked, “Is being in a consultation lounge considered being in game for the purpose of raffles?” GM Tivvy replied, “yes.”

GM Tamuz stated, “Pretty sure I updated all the existing cosmetics to 4 hours.” and asked, “Did I miss some?” Lylia responded, “Lipglosses and lipbalms are still half an hour, last I checked, but the others have all been updated. Those were the older ones and may have had their own script, though.” She later added more information.

GM Quilic announced, “A new raffle has been set up in the Nook of Precious Stones! This raffle is for an Unlimited Keg, and is for FWI (full) citizens only.”

Furrowfoot asked, “I asked this earlier but I think it got lost in the shuffle – are there any limitations during the festival for those of us that are on free/promo premium vs. paid subscriber premium? I probably won’t enter raffles anyway on my own, but curious if I should even consider it” GM Quilic replied, “There are no such limitations on the raffles”

Travakel asked, “This is where I just don’t know stuff—so I bought the asaya at DR, has acuity and scripted actions, will or won’t work on the flares raffle?” GM Valyrka replied, “for the snake flares your item cannot have any scripts or flares at all” Travakel explained they didn’t know what snake flares were. Milax explained, “You get snakes literally added to your weapons. They can have one of three (or all three) flares. So you’d have like a vultite claidhmore with a black mamba wrapped around the hilt.”

Rolfard asked, “can it be a runestaff?” GM Valyrka replied, “I am pretty sure the weapon has to HIT the target for the snakes to flare, so unless you are swinging that runestaff. I will check to make sure”

GM Tivvy announced, “As soon as I get a little coffee in me Cinderr will be in her alcove doing unlocks and alters on lorgnettes until the knockout flares raffle.”

Yaasmin asked, “So I take it at Heartwarming , you can buy the molds and heater and make chocolate whenever you like? Oh and any chocolate will work?” GM Quilic replied, “Yes, and almost. MOST chocolate will work. There may be some that aren’t configured for it.” Yaasmin responded, “The big chunks you can buy on FWI are though aren’t they?” GM Quilic replied, “They are indeed. And the chocolate sold on the shelves will work too (in the shop)”

GM Quilic announced, “You hear a gravelly voice announce, “A raffle for a worn magic trinket which unleashes the power of an Elemental Wave, good for ten times use per day, draws in just under 30 minutes in the Fountain Room of Windfellow’s Retreat!”

GM Quilic announced, “Rocknoggin will be unlocking the gargoyle jewelry sold in his shop, Precious Stones, for a time. He will be working in the Antechamber. He will be doing no other services at this time.”

GM Quilic announced, “Gargoyle jewelry messaging has been fixed for unlocked gargoyles”

Amidst a lot of gushing about the maps at the premium festival, Avawren said, “I was delighted to discover that the maps will roll up and fit in the scroll tubes of a pirate harness ^^”

About the chemises and underrobe that were not initially layerable, GM Valyrka announced, “I was already updating those items in the cultured shop…. the chemise and underrobe should play nicely with layered clothing” She continued, “If anyone bought the 1 underrobe or 4 chemise that were sold, please feel free to let Clefeldal know and I will give you a new one.”

Yaasmin said, “Not sure if you all know, but Tephra has been playing games which she announces on the amulet. Might wanna keep tuned in while you are at the Festival.”

About perfumes, GM Xayle said, “So far, the black garnet and shadow amethyst are the most popular.”

GM Tivvy announced, “Soooo, just a clarification on the sharpening raffle. I originally typoed the ticket a smidge and it said nothing past a limit of 6 CE. It’s corrected now to 65.”

GM Quilic announced, “Cinderr will be spinning for epic lightening and deepening services in her alcove very soon!”

GM Xayle said in reference to a question about what maggots smell like, “Dunno. Maybe we’ll find out at EG. (hint: send in your requests for perfumes now!) Though, I think I already have a theme for EG. Last year was poisoned ingredients.”

GM Quilic announced, “Hey all, This is important: The +40 max enchant (as several players astutely pointed out) had an incorrect threshold on the tickets. The tickets NOW read:”

This raffle is for an additional enchant of +5 to an existing item. The final enchant on the item may be as high as +40 (8x), but items may have a maximum of 150 WPS services to be eligible. In addition, overly complex combat items may be ineligible. Determination will be made on a case by case basis, though the threshold is fairly high. Winners MUST be present to claim their prize when the raffle draws. If their chosen item is deemed to be ineligible, they will be allowed to select an alternate.

GM Valyrka announced, “A voice whispers, “Mistress Clefeldal has set up a new raffle in Cultivated Couturier for custom familiar talismans, for wizards only. It draws tonight, so go get your ticket.”

GM Xeraphina stated, “FYI… for those who don’t get it… rock holder is just what Little Phos calls anything and everything like containers, clothing, etc etc etc. There seems to be confusion.”

Raza asked, “Does anyone know or have further knowledge on the “Missing Gargoyles”?”

Rencelas asked, “Would someone mind setting up those enchant raffles in Shattered for us? And maybe a few of the other non fluff ones? Pretty please? I’ll buy you as much Imo’s pizza as you can eat at con next year.” GM Quilic responded, “I’m gonna do my best, but it won’t be today… Possibly tomorrow, but I’ll let you guys know.”

People talked about their pet rocks found in Precious Stones. Trallihn mentioned they had found HUG, RUB, KISS, TAP, and TOUCH as trapped verbs. Rolfard added EAT. GM Quilic mentioned it is an OLD script when people noted it did not have an ANALYZE.

Travakel asked, “what if your weapon is divisable by 5 but you win the sharpening raffle, do you get any enchant points added?” GM Quilic replied, “Negative.” 

Azaton asked, “Since it’s ‘sharpening’ and in no way magic, you can sharpen kroderine right?” GM Quilic replied, “Kroderine isn’t allowed. We’re CALLING it Sharpening, but it’s still enchanting. Kroderine says hunh uh.”

Shallimar asked, “do the ever offer a tempering service? where it makes your weapon aquivilent to a perfect forge?” GM Quilic replied nope and then added, “I think maybe once, but that’s it. That one’s been bandied about, but the firm answer has always been “Oh {redacted} no””


Rykam asked, “Asking for a friend… When would the Premium Festival open for Shattered?” Thandiwe replied it was opening right then.


Ragz asked, “is sheer fear supposed to make you drop your held gear now that the item recovery mechanics are in place?” HebrewToYou responded, “not that I’ve seen, Ragz. didn’t happen at NATA at least for Dayzed, but that may be specifically turned off”

Ashraam asked GMs, “Is there any chance we could see a reduction to the maximum # of seconds it takes before RECOVER HURL will work on weapons recently thrown since “realistically” you aren’t throwing weapons nearly as far as you are shooting arrows/bolts, but it is often taking just as long to RECOVER HURL as it would to gather an arrow that is “out of reach”?


There was message traffic about mapdb problems, likely stemming from the Festival. Avalera gave the commands to freshen up your map data/go2 if it does not auto update when you log in as normal. And went on to explain how it should be set up. ;repo download-mapdb ;e Map.load 

World of Elanthia


GM Quilic announced, “Precious Stones has all kinds of interesting rock-related things… including said gargoyle jewelry. Those are brand new, and do interesting things. I’ll do unlocking for them at some point. That’s when they get REALLY fun”

Elysia added a map.

GM Valyrka announced, “I did update the snake raffle to say Some weapons may not be eligible. There are always items that have rules or just dont play nice with stuff.”

GM Quilic announced, “Rocknoggin will be unlocking the gargoyle jewelry sold in his shop, Precious Stones, for a time. He will be working in the Antechamber. He will be doing no other services at this time.”

GM Avaluka stated, “The messy food thing checks for those feature lines, yeah, but I’m pretty sure they will keep your current unique line, as well, if it isn’t too long with the food mess + whatever unique line you may have. But otherwise it just adds the mess and lets you clean it off, etc.”

thefrogg reported, “all the food in forgotten pleasures is feature line altering. Two of them act like the should be (block other feature line creating foods from working), but don’t actually add a feature line regardless of whether or not you have one. that’s the issue I’m having.”

Heidolph asked, “Where’s the GALD? I’ve seen lighten and deep, not alterations” GM Valyrka stated she had altered for three hours that morning and GM Naionna stated she had altered for almost three last night.

Raelee said:

It’s a custom familiar. The questions are…

1) Is it permanent?

2) If yes, do you get the custom actions too, or just a custom description?

(If it isn’t permanent, you can make it effectively permanent if you’re just careful and make more talismans)”

GM Quilic replied yes to the first question and no to the custom actions.


Nimaera asked, “Are there size limitations on altering something? If I have a haversack to which I can add a side does the new design need to be comparably sized or could a make it like, a pouch?” GM Valyrka replied, “there are size limits. we cannot make a backpack into a pouch. they are also worn in different spots”


SimuCoin Events and Quests


Brenric asked, “How long was the extension for?” Valdarrow replied, “Till Sunday. If you’re asking about DR being kept open. Sunday at 11:59pm.”

HebrewToYou provided feedback, “I think the trove has two flaws: the race to get a token in and the lack of any consolation prize for not winning. If they resolve that, it’ll be excellent”

At 2:47 PM ET, PM Wyrom said, “Getting HESS updated. There isn’t much, so no need for a mad rush.”

Mnute (muted) asked, “Question for those who have REDEEMed HESS certificates in the past. Is the REDEEM tied to the item OR the character who initiated the REDEEM?” PM Wyrom responded, “Character.”

Regarding the Ithzir escape tree, Melivn summarized, “The escape tree doesn’t work in OTF,nelemar , the rift, or SoS. Also you can’t toggle it. Which is annoying when your doing bandits with your pals and are in no danger of dying but it fires off and gobbles up charges” PM Wyrom responded, “Yeah, it’s an issue with the escape tree that I hope we can review one day.”

Beldannon asked, “is the cabin in the trove supposed to be 2/4 most things have been fully unlocked, maybe the cabin is better then other stuff justwanted to check” PM Wyrom replied, “Yes, it’s an exact copy of the auction one.” and “That’s pulled exactly as is from the auction in 2016.”

Flockmaster Nehor asked, “its last day of trove tomorrow, huh?” PM Wyrom responded, “After today it’s just locker expansions.” He added, “Everything in the trove will go and then expansions.”



Warm Fuzzies The good stuff, compiled by Jen.

Elysia, in #premium, “Love this place and the gargoyle theme is wonderful :slight_smile:

Regwen, in #premium, “Love gargoyles.”

Pietra, in #premium, “This is really pretty amazing. Thanks all you great folks. I’m finding that I’m unable to stop looking at ALL THE THINGIES! :heart:

Lylia, in #premium, “YES! I am still spinning in little circles saying, “Ohh, look at this thing! Look at that thing!””

LostRanger, in #premium, “I just want to give kudos to whatever GM is behind Evrick and the maps. I gifted Elphieya with an unlocked dragonfly-inked atlas and she is absolutely LOVING it. Totally feeling good about not using the unlock on one of the two compasses I bought for myself :p”

Erek, in #premium, “I went to bed around 12:30 and missed some stuff, but wow… great opening. Loved the roleplay with the gargoyles.”

Brighde, in #premium, “OK, whoever made the Gargoyle earring (and jewelry set) OMG… from a Florida girl who wore lizard earrings as a kid… I love you.” GM Quilic replied it was himself and they should see the jewelry unlocked!

Laralana, in #premium, “I am over the moon about this prem fest! :heart:

HebrewToYou, in #premium, “just a note: wow. The grounds y’all built are pretty dang impressive. Big :thumbsup:

Travakel, in #premium, “The grounds are awesome :100:

Flockmaster Nehor, in #premium, “the quality of raffles are great. the quality of services are great”

Raelee, in #premium, “Random comment: best thing about the fest so far is the names of the Gargoyles”

Yaasmin, in #premium, “Honestly, this has been more fun than the last Ebon Gate I went to. The gargoyles are great, the shops are amazing and the grounds themselves are stunning.”

thefrogg, in #festivals-and-events, “I’m very impressed so far.”

Leafiara, in #premium, “And I loved the 2016-2018 premium festivals too, but this is above and beyond.”

Avawren said, “Thank you for making a perfume holder with a weird noun @Xayle ! Never again will I fumble with the wrong brooch. Now I have a glimaerstone.”

Akenna said, “To the person who made the note cards, I :heart: you.”


Qafziel Nalfein

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