EBON GATE: PM Wyrom reduced prices on some Delirium Manor Giftshop back room items in the bowl, and added more. Old Feywrot Mire Black Ora Hearts (and the ether to uncurse them) and the Moonshard Pendant peices are among some of the big winners! The news has not reached the wiki yet, so be sure to check the shop for the current price.

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
Delirium Manor at Naidem
on 28 Oct 2023 6:12 AM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

The bowl that held some high end items in the giftshop has been updated, along with pricing.
The details of the items in this bowl are as follows:

Heart-Shaped Certificates – redeem for a black ora heart (from The necropolis at Feywrot Mire):
white lettering: 3x/day 313 (Prayer)
gold lettering: 3x/day 1606 (Dauntless)
shadowy: 3x/day 712 (Cloak of Shadows)
white-bordered: 3x/day 211 (Bravery)
The ether breaks the curse of the heart.
The essence increases the charges by +1 (max of 5x/day)
Four-Ringed Metal Pendant: Moonshard Pendant (from Duskruin)
The remaining gems, segments, woods, and metals are pieces to make each of the moons for the pendant.
Each are priced by rarity.

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