ANNOUNCEMENT: GM Aergo announced that Covert Arts (the Rogue Service) is now on the Test Server! He refers you to the updated documentation about it and encourages bug reports in the #rogues channel thread on the main GS Discord. Note: Test supplies on the Test Server are in Lich room 8683/u1053, Landing Alleyway north of TSNE.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Aergo
Covert Arts is now on the Public Test Server!
on 29 Jun 2024 9:40 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #development-announcements channel

The updated service document can be found here:

Please report any bugs in the ⁠rogues⁠ channel thread (on the GemStone IV Discord).
Direct Discord Link (Right click, copy link, and paste into Discord App if you don’t want to use the Discord web interface.)


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