EBON GATE: GM Thandiwe updated the Showroom of the Antiquarian Manor with the following rare fodder materials ON the case (not in it): large piece of drakewood, small piece of drakewood, piece of kish’enda fur, bolt of su’chao silk. The Antiquarian has additional info for some of the rare materials. And widowwood is now for sale again in the East Wing.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
Antiquarian Update:
on 08 Oct 2023 4:27 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events/[Official] October 2023 – Ebon Gate Adjustments, Adjustments, and Bug Fixes channel

The following materials have been added to the Showroom of the Antiquarian Manor. They are ON the case, not in it.
a large piece of drakewood
a small piece of drakewood
a piece of kish’enda fur
a bolt of su’chao silk

Small update on the antiquarian himself. In some cases, he will provide you additional information on your rare item.

The rare table has been udpated. There may be items that earlier this month he didn’t know anything about. He should know about them now. If you think something is missing, please use the Antiquarian Manor Forum to mention it. ⁠[Ebon Gate] Antiquarian Manor


GM Xynwen — Today at 4:58 PM
[Ebon Gate] Widowwood Fodder
Widowwood has been added back into the Antiquarian Manor in the East Wing.

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