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You Can Take Your LOOT and STOW it!

GM Naos has details about a significant update to STOW and LOOT. This is quite the nice quality of life update! My wrists thank him already!

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 07/28/2018 10:57 PM CDT
From: GS4-NAOS
Subj: You can take your LOOT and STOW it!
The STOW and LOOT verbs have been updated to provide a more efficient and friendly experience when looting treasure dropped by slain foes and subsequently stowing that treasure away.

The STOW verb has been updated to allow for several containers to be assigned for various types of items and items may be stowed into those containers by specifying the type of container. See STOW HELP for details.

The LOOT verb has been updated to include some new features which work together with the STOW verb. LOOT ROOM (or LOOT AREA) will search through the items in the room (on the “ground” or “floor”) and attempt to GET and STOW any that it finds to be common treasure.

Additionally, the LOOT verb may target an opened treasure chest (i.e. the chest, box, strongbox, coffer, and trunk containers commonly found as treasure) and will attempt to GET and STOW each item it contains, excluding any silver coins.

Finally, individual treasure items in the room may be targetted directly by LOOT {item} to have your character attempt to GET and STOW that item.

Note that it is possible for the LOOT verb to successfully GET an item but not be able to STOW it due to the container being full, leaving the item in hand.

When this LOOT feature attempts to STOW the item it will specify a type appropriate for the item, facilitating the storing of treasure into specific containers. (e.g. If the item being picked up and stowed is a skin, it will be stowed as if the STOW SKIN {item} command were used; if a gem, then STOW GEM {item}; and so on.)

You will also find a new Loot window in the StormFront front end which will report a summary of item looted and where they were stowed.


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