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Wyrom Gives More Information on Upcoming Forum Consolidation

Bossman Wyrom gives us more information about the upcoming Forum Consolidation. He says it is to start in the next handful of days, and the Officials are going to look a little weird while it is underway. A lot, if not most, of saved links are going to break. The TownCrier has been saving important content from the news headlines to include in our archives. More News to follow!

UPDATEDCategory: Software & Hardware Help
Topic: Forums Discussions

Date: 09/12/2018 08:38 PM PDT
Subj: Re: Upcoming Forum Consolidation
Just wanted to touch base on what to expect with these upcoming changes.

First of all, this is not a software update. While I know many of you want us to upgrade (myself included), it’s beyond my pay grade. What I can do is make the forums a little more manageable to keep up on announcements and discussions by reducing the noise.

The day we start doing this, the forums are going to look odd. We’ll have to build the categories and topics as we go. It might take a day or so before we’re back fully. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you all informed as we begin.

Links are going to break. I’ve talked this over with onsite, and there aren’t a lot of options here with what our plans are. Many topics will also be starting fresh with no past posts. Everything will be preserved on the staff side, but there isn’t a way to keep everything read only, as well as keeping links safe. This is our biggest hurdle with this update, and why it has been delayed for so long.

Our aim is to start working on this within the next handful of days.

Wyrom, PM

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