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Whirlin Gets 100,000th Reim Kill

Whirlin completed his 100,000th Reim kill!

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: The Settlement of Reim

Date: 01/26/2017 12:01 AM CST
Subj: 3/3
I hit 100,000 Kills tonight, ‘completing’ the final Reim Achievement!

Here’s a graph of my progress once I started tracking on 11/15/2016:
Here’s the underlying data:

This quest/instance/dungeon/awesome is a great introduction to Gemstone, and I want to thank Retser, Wyrom, Coase, Sleken, Elidi, Elysani, Flannihan, Kaikala, Vanah, Tamuz, and Aiza for all their hard work in getting this up, working, QCed, and dealing with us when we break it… cause we do that… Lots (sorry!)

I’ve been running Reim since it was first previewed to us back on July 29th, and have run it pretty much at least daily since it’s official release on September 19th! I’ve earned over 160k Scrip (currently sitting at 122k… but I gambled a bit), I have a set of Ethereal Armor I’m enchanting up (just completed the 5x cast today!).

This instance introduced a new way of capped hunting, and really helped get the Hand of the Arkati (an MHO I founded dedicated to capped hunting) off the ground. While we started running warcamps together, we found the rewards and dynamic nature of Reim to be much more enjoyable than conventional warcamping. With the changes to the Lumnis cycle, there’s no longer a feeling of lost opportunity while Reiming while on Lumnis, when previously you may have felt like you should be sitting on a node, saturated, spamming gem bounties. The synergies and opportunities of these changes have been amazing.

I’d like to thank the members of my MHO that have participated on the various runs. While documentation of ‘unofficial’ events was not kept until December 1st, we are currently up to 58 members, 45 of whom have attended either official or unofficial events with us (enforced requirement post December). Our members average about 11 events with us each, with the highest attendance being myself at 57 events, followed incredibly closely by Cigger and Arshwikk at 55 each, who joined the MHO on November 15th and October 20th respectively. Our latest event had the highest turnout at 31 participants. Full roster/event details available here:

I have to say, the MHO really brought a bunch of fun/life back into Gemstone, and it almost makes me wonder why I waited so long! I can’t overstate how much fun we’re having! We’ve even broken Reim a couple times… Early on with the limit of 10 people entering the throne room together, playing with boss mechanics, introducing ‘reorbing’, and most recently figuring out some problems with 709 during invasions, when our group finally hit 19 people for the first time on December 30th.

Retser and the entire GM staff has been ultra receptive on coming to our aid and assisting us, and we truly appreciate it.
Retser has even helped us out when the MHO does night at the Academy! (We’re not JUST a Reiming group after all!)

With all of this in mind, I do have some recommendations. Not because anything is wrong with Reim, but because I believe that this once-per-day quest/dungeon content is a great new style that I would love to see expanded. Given the initial outrage over the premium free entry, the addition of alternative dungeons could help further refine the premium benefits, while also enabling a limited access to standard accounts. 1 access once a week to a single dungeon is not the same as 1 access each week to an option of 3 dungeons.

Things I love about Reim, that should absolutely be leveraged:

The Reputation System (Sense of accomplishment with grinding the area)
The Energy/boost System (I love the concept of storing energy, boosting your attacks/whatnot)
The Rares/Achievement System (automated unlocking of things based on stuff you’ve done? This is amazingly new tech!)
The Reim Transport System (Honestly, this MAKES this instance available to everyone from around Elanthia… I love this)
Ghost Bucks / Currency!

Improvement opportunities:

More Reputation Bonuses (Ghost Bucks cost reduction at the store?)
More Reputation Tiers (Make that ceiling even higher!)
More ways to Spend Energy (Blesses for melee? Symbol of Dreams style buff? Maybe a max-rep keystone ability to increase AS/CS for a single attack at high energy cost?)
Remove Reliance on Gambling to complete Armor (Tier 4 / Tier 5 unlocks available for straight purchase)
Armor Unlock cost reduction (A year is a long time to grind)
Display total Ghost Bucks Earned, in addition to current balance, like Bounty Points.
Maybe total times the quest has been initiated would be an interesting count as well.
Public Kills board!

What I would love to see in the next big quest instance:
Demons seem fun. But, I think it would require a Boost option to use your current weapon against Demons.

Dynamic ‘Boss’ Battle:
Shifting Resistances/Vulnerabilities based on group’s classes (So, if you have a wizard and cleric in the group, it would occassionally be vulnerable to holy or fire, but not something like slashing without a melee in the group)
Perhaps absorbing competing damage types to refrain people from simply spamming attacks (so, if it’s vulnerable to an element, hitting it wish slash/crush/pierce would heal it)
Super High AS (like, 900+ at cap), but SUPER low DF (like .0700), Attacking every ~20 seconds against 50% of the room’s members, subject to Pally Beacon of Courage and Warrior GUARD/Protect to make it feel like there’a a front line. (I’d also love to see more of these styles of abilities)
Maybe a scaling AS bonus (+10 AS per attack round) to act as an ‘enrage’ timer?

Lastly, remove the ‘drops’ from the boss, but offer a currency bonus for the final kill that surpasses the normal limit. One boss spawn per entire group, and the difficulty/bonus is dependent upon participants. So maybe 50 base + 50/character on top of the 1000 base earnable value, so going in with 19 people would theoretically double the rewards for everyone if they live. It helps add incentive to clearing the instance rather than just farming the trash and re-orbing to reset scrip gain.

Thank you for reading, and again, thank you for all of your hard work on this quest… instance… dungeon… thing!


Date: 01/26/2017 03:03 AM CST
Subj: Re: 3/3
Congrats Whirlin! It definitely is not an easy feat.

Date: 01/26/2017 09:43 AM CST
Subj: Re: 3/3
Okay guys, gemstone is over, Whirlin beat it.

Retser, ASGM

Date: 01/26/2017 09:46 AM CST
From: DOUG
Subj: Re: 3/3
Heh. He deserves a title – Defeater of all things Gemstone.

Then I can simply refer to him as De Feets.


Date: 01/31/2017 12:30 AM CST
From: GOAT
Subj: Re: 3/3

> IMMUNE TO 711!


Date: 03/24/2017 06:04 PM CDT
Subj: Re: 3/3
I REVOKE MY EARLIER STATEMENT… I just gambled about 128k scrip that I had been accumulating on my brother’s character, and got nothing out of the treasure pool. I lost Reim!


Date: 03/24/2017 06:10 PM CDT
Subj: Re: 3/3

So that means it should be ready for my 2 grabs tonight then 🙂 that sucks though 🙁

Date: 03/25/2017 12:40 AM CDT
Subj: Re: 3/3

Retser, ASGM


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