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Valyrka Announces Ta’Illistim Awards Background

GM Valyrka announces the basis for the Elven Awards of Ta’Illistim, ones that people add to their insignia.

Category: Towns
Topic: Announcements

Date: 12/26/2017 03:19 PM CST
Subj: New Ta'Illistim Awards
The highest form of honor to the Elven Nations are special gems intended for inclusion in ones insignia. These items are rare and only awarded to those of pure elven blood. Actions worthy of receiving a jewel are considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, but there are times when the Argent Mirror wishes to acknowledge other efforts or accomplishments.

The following are a list of awards that House Illistim may bestow to elves or non-elves that have distinguished themselves by words or deeds. They combine several areas of success with a colored ribbon that would detail the achievement. Ribbons may be striped if the adventurer had notable accomplishments in more than one area during a campaign.


Medal Achievement
an eahnor fan-tailed peacock military
a faenor cothinar blossom/a faenor peacock quill nature/scholarly
a sapphire-set veniom pentacle magical
a blooming vaalin rose service to the Mirror/ service to Ta’Illistim


Ribbon Color Achievement
gold acts of leadership
silver community service
white personal sacrifice
red military achievement
orange research and discovery
yellow achievement in sport
green healing
blue foreign relations
violet artistic achievement
black indicates that the award was awarded posthumously


Medal Meaning
an eahnor fan-tailed peacock centered on a gold silk ribbon Achievement in Military Leadership
a faenor peacock quill centered on an orange silk ribbon Achievement in scholarly research
a sapphire-set veniom pentacle centered on a white silk ribbon Achievement in magic with a personal sacrifice
a blooming vaalin rose centered on a green ribbon Achievement in service to the Mirror through the healing arts

It should be noted that the medals can be designed with more customization about the event or the adventurer receiving it. They may have show descriptions as well. The above medals are simple examples.

~ Valyrka ~
Dark Elves

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