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Thia’s Memorial Service

There will be a Remembrance Service for Thia Bagheri on Sunday, February 11 at 7pm in Halcyon Hills, (Lich room#14859). Bring your memories of Thia to share if you wish as we gather to honor her memory. After the vigil, candles will be lit on the lake in her honor.

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: House Aspis

Date: 01/16/2018 09:02 PM CST
Subj: In Memoriam – Thia Bagheri (2/11/18 @ 7pm EST)
All are invited to join those gathering on 2/11/18 at 7pm Eastern in Halcyon Hills to remember Thia Bagheri at the memorial built in her honor at the Chorus of Ferns (Lich#14859).

After the vigil, we will light candles on the lake, so please purchase a candle before we start from atop the crate, shelves, or table in the Mourner’s Cabin (Lich#14834).

/seo, wheels and skulls department/


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