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There’s Now A Bulletin Board and A Chalkboard to Write on in The Landing

There are now two boards to write messages on in the Landing. One in Town Square East for general public messages, and one inside Moot Hall and upstairs, right outside the Mayor’s Office, to communicate with the Mayor.

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 04/15/2018 04:47 AM CDT
Subj: Bulletin Board and Blackboard for Leaving IG Written Communication.
There are now two fun means to leave IG communication for others in the Landing!

• A bone-framed bulletin board outside Moot Hall in Town Square East.
• A large vertebral bone-framed blackboard inside Moot Hall and upstairs, just outside the Mayor’s Office (From TSE: GO HALL, GO STAIRS).

The bone-framed bulletin board outside Moot Hall is for public announcements; this includes things such as weddings, storyline meetings/gatherings known in advance, and events run by CHE‘s (Houses) or MHO‘s or other community organizations. This is for public knowledge, basically an IG equivalent of the “Written on the Tree in TSC”-style posts on the Forums. Try to keep things concise, for obvious reasons, and be respectful of propriety and general relevance; you can post whatever you want (as long is it’s not objectionable), but if it’s not terribly pertinent to the general community, it may be erased eventually in order to keep things clear for actual announcements/information.

The large vertebral bone-framed blackboard inside Moot Hall and upstairs is specifically for leaving messages for the current Mayor. This includes things such as proposals for the Mayor to consider (ideas for improving Wehnimer’s Landing), opinions on upcoming decisions pertinent to current events, and other such communication; think of it like a suggestion box/message board for the acting Mayor, in their role to help facilitate such as a representative of the people. If your idea is too detailed or in-depth for such, you could alternately use it to request an appointment or make it known that you are seeking the Mayor.

NOTE: At present, anyone can write on the boards, as they’re intended to be a public resource — do not abuse this please, or that may need to change. Don’t be the jerk that ruins it for everyone. Spreading word of your events is absolutely welcome, personal opinions and a little silliness are fine (this is the Landing, after all), but obviously nothing that would be dubious or objectionable in-game.

If you need one of your own messages erased, or would like to report a message that may need to be erased, contact me (Crux) or Mayor Lylia either IG or out!

— Wheels & Skulls Department

You see Blood Mayor Cruxophim the Blood Reaver.
“Blood for the Blood Mayor! Skulls for the Skull Office!”

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