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Stats for Bacon Shop and Steep Insights

GM Mariath says 358 bacon treats were sold in the Fried and True shop at Ebon Gate. Here’s the shop reports for the bacon and Steep Insights, along with some more data points and the favs:

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival

Date: 11/05/2017 08:03 AM CST
Subj: Steep Insights and Fried and True Shop Totals
My very specific appeal shops in Prime had the follow results:

Fried and True – Bacon food items:
Sold 358 bacon treats for a total of $45,700 — most popular were the two bacon choices.

Steep Insight – Tea and Coffee:
Tea complements sold 50 for $340,800 — honey, sugar, cream, syrups.
Kettle infusers sold 26 for $650,000 — the ora shooting star was the most popular.
Tea packets and tins sold 138 for $642,000 — these are the new eight teas I’m allowing for general release.
Caligos special teas sold 18 for $18,000 — only sold on Caligos, granted they were not to everyone’s taste, with names like Rot and Fungus, Bad Habit, Duplicity, and Betrayal.
Packets of coffee sold 26 for $26,000 — considering general release, they featured Sweet Treat, Dark Spice, and Morning Meditation.

For a total sales of $1,722,500.

This does not include the larger jars sold as part of a merchant service, maybe close to another $1 to $1.5 mil.

GM Mariath


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