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Smithy Will be at Coraesine Forest 2018

The CCF leaks are starting! Mayhem Master Wyrom announces that the Smithy will have unlimited usage during event. It’ll be considered a minor service and the tentative entry cost is 100,000 silvers. The Smithy will be charging regular silvers on top of the entry for your weighting, padding, and sighting needs.

Category: World Events, Festivals, and Storylines
Topic: Commencement of Coraesine Forest

Date: 04/29/2018 10:32 AM CDT
Subj: Service Teaser #1
During CCF, unlimited usage of the smithy blacksmith will be available. There will be a flat fee to enter, which is tentatively set at 100,000 silver. The cost for the service will also be in silver. This is a MINOR service that will not affect your MAJOR service counts.

Wyrom, PM


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