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SimuCon Goodie Bag Scripted Item to be Delivered This Week

For those waiting on the second half of their SimuCon Goodie Bag delivery, the scripted item, it’s ready now. Use GIFTBOX to claim yours.

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 12/19/2017 11:36 AM CST
Subj: Goodie Bag – Scripted Item
Hey Everyone!

You can now claim the second half of your goodie bag which includes the scripted item with the giftbox command.



SIMUCON17 – Claims your Simucon Giftbag if unclaimed from 2017.

Upon first use, you’ll get your first prize if you haven’t claimed it.
Upon second use, you’ll get your scripted item if you haven’t claimed it.

Upon third use, you may or may not blow up, or nothing will happen.

Retser, ASGM

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