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Resist Nature (620) on Heavy Armors Now Possible for Rangers

GM Estild announces that Rangers can now add Resist Nature on heavy armors with a new special potion. You’ll need to bring the herbalist a luminescent indigo mushroom, a rare and limited foraging drop. Instructions at the officials:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 08/02/2018 10:42 AM CDT
Subj: Resist Nature (620) on Heavy Armors
It is now possible for Resist Nature (620) to work on heavy armors (chain and plate), but it requires a new special potion. The herbalist who crafts the other potions will craft the new potion if you bring them a luminescent indigo mushroom, which can be found randomly on high luck rolls when foraging for other items. It is a rare and limited drop. The luminescent indigo mushroom potion must then be poured onto the armor before the other normal potion is applied. When Resist Nature is applied to heavy armors, it is done so at half of the normal effectiveness.

GameMaster Estild

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