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Reim Base Camp Shops Open

The Reim Base Camp Shops are now open! With goods, waivers to unlock your goods, Chests, or turn in your scrip for silvers! GM Retser’s complete post:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 09/22/2016 01:50 PM CDT
Subj: Reim Base Camp: Now Open
Hello everyone and welcome to the Reim Base Camp!
Countless adventurers have made their way to Reim to seek fame, fortune and hopefully glory. Several of them have started to build structures and set up tents as a functional base camp. Come explore the shops, tavern, vault, and more!

There are currently three shops filled with assorted wares found in and out of Reim. All of the wares within Reim cost ethereal scrip. There are signs in all the shops with a general explanation of what the wares are. A small sample of things you can buy:
Custom Reim-themed spell preps
Custom Reim-themed treasures
Ethereal Armor
Ethereal Armor Unlocks
Farusteri Gowns
Ethereal Weapon Certificate
Pure Potions
And more!
*All shop pricing and availability is subject to change.

Unlock Waivers
New to Reim are Unlock Waivers. These waivers when found and used upgrade your existing unlockable equipment. Currently, there are unlock waivers available for the Ethereal armor and Farusteri gowns.

Vault and Reim Chests
Many of those brave enough to enter Reim have managed to pilfer treasures from within the settlement. This treasure has been placed in a pile in a vault at the Reim Base Camp. You will be able to exchange 1000 ethereal scrip for a randomized chest. These chests have randomized contents with a chance at silver, gems, and more!
You will be able to LOOK at the TREASURE to see what you have a chance to pull. You will be able to see some of the contents that are available at that time. Randomly the treasure pile will “shift” shuffling what is currently available.
There are several unique and amazing finds within the pile of treasure, check back often to see what is currently available to pull!

Vault Guard
The vault guard is ever vigilant in protecting the pile of treasure. He also possesses the ability to take 1000 or 10000 scrip at a time to exchange it for silver. He will take your ethereal scrip off your hand at a 1:10 ratio. You can find him in the Reim Base Camp watching over the vault.

How do I reach the Base Camp?
The base camp is accessible beneath the chains to Reim. The chains can be found in a cavern hidden behind a vortex, off of the pier, around Thurfel’s island, underneath Icemule Trace.
Players can also use the REIM CAMP verb to transport themselves there for 100 quest energy.

Happy Reiming!

A special thank you to the following GameMasters for their contributions to the Reim Base Camp in no particular order.
Coase, Vanah, Elidi, Elysani, Flannihan, Tamuz, Wyrom, Aiza, Modrian, Galene, Keios, and Mazreth.

Retser, ASGM

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