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Offline Recovery begins for Health, Mana, Stamina, and Spirit

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GM Estild annnounces Offline Recovery for subscribers. This includes Health, Mana, Stamina, and Spirit. The rate is reduced when not logged in, of course. Details are at:

Category: GemStoneIV AnnouncementsTopic: Important Announcements

Date: 09/13/2018 06:24 AM PDT
Subj: Offline Recovery
As as a compliment to the existing offline experience absorption, we’ve also implemented offline recovery. Characters on paid subscription accounts will recovery health, mana, stamina, and spirit at a reduced rate when not logged in. The rate for offline recovery of health, mana, and stamina is 1.5% per 10 minutes and for spirit 10% per 60 minutes. The recovery does not apply to characters that are dead, stunned, webbed, rooted, immobile, unconscious, bleeding, poisoned, diseased, or if the character slammed a creature.

GameMaster Estild

This message was originally posted in Game Design Discussions, General Discussion about Gemstone IV.

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