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Necios Announces Unofficial Icemule Discord Server

GM Necios announces the Unofficial Icemule Discord Server. Solve mysteries, get updates, learn clues, hang out, and join the COOL kids!

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 01/10/2018 07:47 PM CST
Subj: (Unofficial) Icemule Discord server!
Icemule has happenings!

Want to participate in solving mysteries such as The Tome, Daukhera Darkflorr, and Mayor Nihala’s affliction? Driven to help the citizens of Icemule combat The Far Market bandits, rid the town of the huge dome and swirling vortex that has imprisoned a shrouded figure, and even more? Join our (unofficial) Discord Server!

We have up-to-date, accurate information on our storyline as well as public information on ICICLE and their efforts to improve the town, first-hand accounts of “what’s-happening-now”, clues, and discussion with our very own GM Necios (me)! You can find out about Icemule Merchant events, and share ideas and information as well! Join in the day to day fun, come make new friends, or just hang out!

Our Discord link is:

(Important note: although this not an official Discord server for GS, Wyrom has given it his nod of approval.)

Huge thanks to Enestrie for setting it up and to our current mods Oubar and Maylan!

See you there!

GameMaster Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Champion of subject/verb agreement
Honorary BADNAME committee chair

Annanasi says, “The symbol of the Arkati Necios is a cuddly teddy bear on a field of pink.”


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