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Naos Announces Pawnshop Pricing Fix for F2P Characters

GM Naos announces that there was an error in prices at the pawnshop for Free To Play characters, and that it’s been rectified. The 25% additional discount you were getting should have been a markup… ut oh!

Category: F2P Discussions
Topic: F2P Game Mechanics

Date: 04/03/2018 10:56 PM CDT
From: GS4-NAOS
Subj: F2P and Pawnshop Pricing
Hello, F2P folks. You will notice that the pricing on items purchased from pawnshops for F2P characters no longer comes with a significant discount. I fixed a bug tonight where an intended 25% increase in the price of items was in fact a 25% discount. Sorry about that.


Date: 04/05/2018 05:29 PM CDT
Subj: Re: F2P and Pawnshop Pricing


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