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Magic Sling Mis-Conceptions From GM Thandiwe

Magic Sling Misconceptions: GM Thandiwe explains about how the new Magic Slings for runestaves work at The Art of Lore. Buy the right one, sit back, and enjoy something suited just to your skills!

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena

Date: 06/21/2018 08:09 PM CDT
Subj: Magic Sling Mis-Conceptions

There seem to be some misconceptions about the Magic Sling. I’d like to help clear them up.

PUT/DROP/STOW/SHEATH – All one set of messaging
GET/GIRD/READY – All another set of messaging.

If you have a Tier 2 unlock, then you have 2 RANDOM types of messaging that cycle. 1 randomly shows for put/drop/stow/sheath, 1 randomly shows for get/gird/ready.

There are also 4 different kinds of slings: Mental, Sorcery, Elemental, Spiritual

If you have a sling that is keyed to the different type – Analyze will tell you the type – then you will get generic messaging.

ALL other verbs are the SAME for all makes of the sling.

I hope this helps clear it up.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~
ASGM of Events

Date: 06/21/2018 08:52 PM CDT
From: JEFFEE83
Subj: Re: Magic Sling Mis-Conceptions
Thanks for this info! I’m still waiting to buy until I understand more.

According to the wiki (, Tier 1 has different messaging for get/ready/gird – is this incorrect? Is this the random messaging that is unlocked with t2?

I’m curious what exactly the random messaging is with the t2. If my main lore is religion, will I always see holy white light, or is there another religion messaging that will be randomized? Or is the randomization always going to include holy white light, just with different messaging? Is it just a pool of 2 messages or how many random messages might we see with t2?

Will you ever see messaging for a lore that you have that isn’t your highest # of ranks or will you always see only your highest # ranks lore?


Date: 06/21/2018 09:15 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Magic Sling Mis-Conceptions
Hey there.

Here’s what I can tell you:

Tier 1 PUT/drop/stow/sheath – Always solidly – “You stow your <runestaff> in your <magic sling> with <message>.”
Tier 2 put/drop/stow/sheath – 50% chance to be -“You stow your <runestaff> in your <magic sling> with <message>.”
OR “A <message> trails your <runestaff> as you stow it in your <magic sling>.”

Spirit, Mental, Sorcery – Highest Lore Rank
There is a generic.
If there is a tie, then it randomly selects between the highest two.

If you are attuned to fire, but you attune random for — whatever reason that wizard’s do this (never played one) — then it is your base attunement always.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~
ASGM of Events

Date: 06/21/2018 09:48 PM CDT
From: JEFFEE83
Subj: Re: Magic Sling Mis-Conceptions
Thanks for the info!

I know you only did the coding, but I’d like to request an alternate messaging for Religion/Lornon. Holy white light is not exactly Lornon themed 😛


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