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Landing Mayor’s Office Seeks Staff Writer to help with printed propaganda

The Wehnimer’s Landing Mayor office set out a HELP WANTED sign for a staff writer to assist with particularly pointed printed propaganda to help spread the truth and offset the Chaston Spin Machine that seems light on truth and out of control. Perm position.

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 08/21/2016 03:10 PM CDT
Subj: Looking for a writer
~A notice posted on the tree in TSC~

Citizens and friends of the Landing,

I am seeking a person interested in writing for the town. If you feel you have a good hand and voice at communicating and want to aid the town in its battles against the Blameless outside the battle field please let me know.

Mayor Puptilian


This idea kind of came to me because of Kenstrom’s post about a news letter. One piece of warfare we as players do not do a good job at and really never venture much at is the propaganda part of war. That is also something the Prelate and Blameless have that we dont. So the idea is to add a bit of Player RP into this part of warfare. This isn’t to replace Newsby feeds or such. This is IC newsletters sent to other towns, sent to parts of the empire, etc for the only purpose to shed light to the evils of Chaston and his followers in hopes of eroding his power base and add allies to our cause. If interest let me know either here, via email on my address, or look me up in game. Anyone that is interested is welcomed to try out no matter how much you been in the story OR how little. I hope this turns into a good opportunity for someone new to the story to make a niche for themselves and have an avenue to get involved.

As for the position I kind of envision this as working with Pup at first until we get it going strong and once confidence is set run with it. Its goign to be a mix of posting things on the forums in character and maybe a bit of travelling to other cities to verbally give messages to those that will listen. It may grow from there or change as we work this idea out so we will see. either way I think it will be an interesting new area to RP for someone.

Pup’s Player

Date: 08/27/2016 04:21 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Looking for a writer
I’ve been known to write a thing or two in my days… Although, I am tapped out in terms of time management, but consider me the default if nobody else is willing to step up!



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