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Landing Mayoral Debates Scheduled 2017

The Landing Mayoral Debates will take place around 11pm in Moot Hall on Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18th. Do you have your most difficult question ready for the candidates yet?

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 03/11/2017 11:36 AM CST
Subj: Landing Mayoral Debates – 3/17 and 3/18!
The Landing Mayoral Debates have been scheduled for March 17th and 18th. (Fri and Sat)

The debates will be held in Moot Hall, where observers can WATCH the debates from the balcony above. The moderator, Judge Renpaw, will have a few questions for each candidate, then open a list for any adventurers to ask questions, of all, or specific candidates.

We’ll kick the events off around 11:00pm-ish EST.

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer’s Landing
Human Guru

Strongest foe vanquished: Roblar

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