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Igaesha Vials and Cases with 2 Bugs

GM Kaikala has put out a notice about the Igaesha Vials and cases from Ebon Gate. Evidently a very destructive bug can bite you. Please read her message carefully if you have one of these, there’s actually 2 bugs that need fixing:

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory

Date: 12/22/2017 01:23 AM CST
Subj: Igaesha Vials and Cases – Fixes and You!
Hey all,

(1) Soooo…. issue one. There was a super duper terribly bad bug on the vials. One tiny part of one line of code doing mass destruction (seriously) 😉 If this bug visited you, here’s what would have happened:

(a) you couldn’t use most of your vial verbs. This shouldn’t be a problem now. But if your smoke disappeared and you weren’t able to do your reading because of said issue and you have not yet cleaned the vial out so that it still has a foggy residue… and you super badly (i.e. can’t live without it) want the smoke back in it so that you can do the reading without having to re-summon a new Igaesha… see instructions at the bottom;

(b) if you happened to have a special description on your vial’s tag (the adjective, noun, and any long description that isn’t the default ‘a small curl of vellum’) or positional arc dividers installed — they may have disappeared and gone back to the default setting (if they didn’t disappear, then the bug did not affect you). You can just reapply the accents when you’ve got an empty vial again and have cleaned it out — however, if it’s essential to your well-being to get them back in the vial for a current reading, see instructions at the bottom.

(c) If you got hit by this bug, it potentially could have caused your demon to get stuck and not escape (though in some cases, your demon is still not ready to escape… totally varies). If that happened, the vial will auto-update the next time you look at it or do any of its verbs and/or put it into or pull it out of a vial case — the auto-update will treat your vial as if your Igaesha escaped right when you did this, minus the Igaesha messaging.

(2) Issue two is with the Igaesha vial cases. Totally different bug. Most of the issues from this bug will auto-correct themselves — though I highly recommend that if you have any vials with active demons in them sitting in your case, that you remove the vial and then put it back in the case — that should reset those particular ones nicely (and ensure your escape timer is running — and if you got hit by the above bug in #1, you may see #1c in action). However, if you try to pull a vial from your case and the case is all angsty and just will not let you… and simultaneously tells you to ASSIST, then follow the instructions at the bottom — it means your vial (and the slot it takes up in the case) needs a manual fix from me.

The Instructions At The Bottom
If you’re dealing with the after-effects of either of the above bugs and need a manual fix: please (1) ASSIST, ask for a referral, and note that it’s to have me (Kaikala) fix your vial or case; and (2) email me ( so that I’m aware you’re in need of the fix.

Huge apologies to anyone this inconvenienced! If you run into any other problems with any of the Igaesha items, absolutely bug the item in question and feel free to directly let me know something is amiss. These scripts are a little crazy (especially the cases), and I’m very grateful to the folks who put in bugs so that both issues were caught sooner than later.


From nearby, you hear Ordim yell, “Dont eat meeeeee!”

The shaggy mutt sniffs at a vine-painted mistwood keg, then grabs it in its teeth and greedily wolfs it down before anyone can grab it!

Date: 12/24/2017 09:59 PM CST
Subj: Re: Igaesha Vials and Cases – Fixes and You!
<3 you anyways!


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