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Icemule Trace Mayoral Election Jun 2017

The candidates have been announced for Icemule Trace’s upcoming Mayoral Election! Who will lead the town during these very exciting times? Congratulations to Joskin, Kilded, Neovik, Sabotage, and Tawariell. Read up about these interesting people here!

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 05/25/2018 10:06 PM CDT
Subj: IMT Candidates for Mayor and More
A weary fur-clad giantess steps out of the censor’s office in Clovertooth Hall and closes a petrified oak door firmly behind her. With a simple twirl of her finger, a wispy key materializes and inserts itself into the lock, securing the entry before dissolving. The giantess gives a heavy sigh, readjusts the cumbersome bag slung over her shoulder, and heads east and out to greet a crowd that has already gathered to meet the candidates for Mayor in Icemule Trace’s Decision 5118.

After watching the presentations, fanfare, and colorful lights intermingling with the falling snow, she turns to make a few important announcements.

A fur-clad giantess says, “Greetings, everyone. I am Lady Befionn, the Magistrate of Citizenship. I manage the Censor’s Office. I imagine many of you have seen me, though few of you ask how my day is going when you pop by to check the book.”

A fur-clad giantess rolls her eyes slightly through her smile.

A fur-clad giantess says, “I am going to assist Councillor Emeritus Igerone and Page of Honor Eilinora with managing the election to ensure fairness and integrity. I will help keep the campaigning clean. I will also facilitate one of the contests.”

A fur-clad giantess glances at the bag slung over her shoulder that is overflowing with parchments, and you notice a slight grimace.

A fur-clad giantess says, “Because of these extra tasks, I have closed the citizenship office until the night the new Mayor is announced, on 22 Lumnea. No new citizenship applications will be processed between now and then. I simply will not have time. Only those who are citizens as of this moment will be eligible to vote on 15 – 20 Lumnea.”

A fur-clad giantess says, “I will now post everyone’s formal declarations of candidacy on the official trees. Please take a moment to read them. Good luck to all.”


“Icemule is a great city with many wonderful, nice people. I want to continue Nihala’s work to make it the nicest, most welcoming, friendliest city in Elanthia! Everyone should feel super welcome in Icemule Trace and be able to eat the land’s finest tarts and pastries. ICICLE and White Haven are super important and helpful and I would want to work very closely and happily with them. Daukhera, on the other hand, is everything Icemule is not! She is mean, murdering, and controlling. We need to band together to stop her!”


“As Mayor of the town I’d like to see our town grow and thrive by welcoming citizens from all walks of life be they elf, dwarf, giantman, of course halfling, or any other race and profession. Many of our citizens have great ideas – the citizenship tent is fantastic and the snowman field is a lot of fun. When elected I look forward to working with ICICLE and our citizens to focus our resources on ways to improve our town and draw in new citizens. This works to both make our fair town more enjoyable and also brings in new revenue for more improvements! The more passionate and interested citizens we have the better Icemule becomes! We’ve also had some new faces show up in our town recently — namely the new Queen. While I haven’t spent much time with her many of our citizens have grown fond of her. She was also very helpful in introducing our town to new potion-making skills and guiding us through some recent town troubles. I will be sure to keep an eye on her so we can grow our alliance. I look forward to speaking to all of you more and learning about your wishes and ideas for our town and speaking to you more about my stance on the issues! Vote Kilded! Icemule’s Sexiest Warrior!”

Neovik the Guardian of Icemule Trace

“As the potential Mayor of Icemule Trace, the success and protection of the people of this town are my highest priority. One of many steps in making Icemule a safe place is to work on establishing a formalized alliance with our neighbors for mutual military support and aid to strengthen our bonds. We will establish an organized militia like the Landing Militia that will train and work closely with the current organizations that have protected Icemule daily. We must bolster our defenses and secure funding to build weaponry that will stop any invaders in their tracks and make them think twice about picking a fight with us. A safe Icemule will increase trade and lead to the overall success and development into a much stronger Icemule! Our people should no longer have to live in fear for their survival. It’s time things change!”


“I would like for the town to become a true gambler’s paradise. I want card games, roulette, etc. I want spas and fine dining restaurants. I want this to be a freezing cold Albatross. I also think we should get that tome unlocked and give it to me. Other than that I’m sure some glaring weakness will present itself and we’ll take care of the Queen in due time.”

Liaison Tawariell Andrenae

“To the good citizens of Icemule Trace,
Icemule is a small town with big potential. Our sleepy little nook amongst the mountains deserves some progress and that is why I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor. I am running to bring the creative and collaborative solutions that we need for Icemule. My priorities are to rebuild our defenses, improve the Town and businesses, come to a pragmatic resolution with Queen Daukhera, and work on relations between Icemule and Wehnimer’s. As an Officer of White Haven, I stand for Hope, Service and Wisdom. With the joint effort of the Great House, MHOs and citizens alike we can work together to prosper and thrive. My door will always be open to you. Vote Tawariell Andrenae and help bring warmth back to Icemule.”

FGM Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Subscriptions team flunky
Champion of subject/verb agreement

Svardin recites:

“Two, Four, Six, Eight!
Who should we obliterate?
Go Icemule!”

Date: 05/26/2018 12:07 AM CDT
Subj: Re: IMT Candidates for Mayor and More

my votes for sabotage if I could vote there. I mean come on Gambling is awesome!!


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