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Glamour Tattoos and Reskinned Tiers and Add-ons

GM Kaikala announces a new skin on Glamour Tattoos, with clear Tiers, and all the information. Read her post and follow her link to the updated wiki page:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 05/08/2018 05:15 PM CDT
Subj: Glamour Tattoos – Reskinned Tiers/Add-ons, KNOCK for Tier 3s
Hey all,

Since Tier 2 Glamour Tattoos were feeling a bit like Tier 2.0, Tier 2.4, Tier 2.8, etc. depending on which verb customizations you may or may not have had included in your win, I’ve reskinned the tiers entirely — Tier 1/2/3 are based on permanence and “how custom” your features can get; verb customizations are now considered add-ons (and can actually be used at any tier with this reskin). Nothing was changed on existing tattoos — only their classification may have changed based on their existing properties 😉

Additionally, anyone with a now-Tier 3 existing glamour tattoo can KNOCK on their tattoo when it is inactive to toggle between how it will display: the full LOOK as per usual; or a LOOK that will hide everything after the feature lines.

More additionally, there will be an add-on offered on occasion with Tier 3 wins that allows KNOCK to also toggle into a static custom inventory output as part of LOOK. This is specifically to allow someone to make their illusion more wholly complete. For example, if someone’s glamour is all about them appearing to be on fire, they might choose a custom inventory that shows burning robes or robes that are nothing but cinders at the hem, etc. Like everything else glamour-related, it will go through QC as part of the glamour-making process.

ANALYZE will note what tier you have. It will list any add-ons you have, as well. I have also butchered Raelee’s magnificent wiki page creation ( to include the reskinned info.


You get the feeling that the Queen is angered that you cluttered up Town Center with your abandoned work list.

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