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Galene Announces Opening of Two More Shops at 5118 Premium Festival

Galene says two more shops are open at the Festival: Farmer’s Only has top quality farming tools (get your shovels and hoes HERE, then get them unlocked to start gardening – or rabble-rousing?) and Fantas-Stick, with runestaffs that sparkle when rubbed. Vanity Fair is not going to open this year. GM Tamuz opened up Tome Alone in the ink-splattered wagon ground level. Inside, the sign reminds you the scrolls are not infusable by a sorcerer.

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Summer Festival

Date: 07/09/2018 10:00 AM CDT
Subj: Answers and Limited Service Reminder for Tonight!
Answering a few of the questions that I have answers to!

Farmer’s Only and Fantas-Stick are now open in all instances.

A few of the shops do not have inventory for sale in them because they’re simply working locations for merchants.

I do not think Vanity Fair will re-open this year, sorry!

Reminder that Ianthra will be spinning for limited services for morphing gowns and unlimited bottles of nail polish tonight.

The morphing gowns are an older variety that allows the owner to randomly toggle through the COLOR/FABRIC/NOUN options, and also randomize all three at once.

Touch – Changes color or special/article (random)
Poke – Changes fabric/adjective (random)
Rub – Changes garment/noun (random)
Pull – Changes all three listed above at once (cycles all)

This gives you a versatile garment with many possibilities for a 15/15/15 base. They do not have long descriptions, and they won’t hold any kind of alteration.

Nail lacquers will be an unlimited bottle of a single customized color and nail shape.


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